Premium Budget Hotel Room in ZEN Premium near Purimas Batam Center

Nowadays, hotel is become one of mandatory choice for traveler. Selection of hotel rooms was already more diverse and easier. Various offers and options are awaiting the traveler. Traveler can use these various offers as advantages to choose the right room during the journey.

Virtual Operator Hotel in Batam

In Batam, there are hundreds of hotels and several resorts with a wide range of classes, from one star to five stars are all available.

Many hotels in Batam have been working together with various online partners and VHO (Virtual Hotel Operator) to promote their hotel, rooms and facilities.

Last week, I had opportunity to review one of Virtual Hotel Operator in Indonesia that offers budget hotel rooms with premium quality, ZEN Rooms.

ZEN Rooms offer hotel rooms at a cheap rate, but with better quality standards.

They do a rigorous selection with the hotel which have cooperation with the ZEN Rooms. And they always perform periodic audits to ensure that each room is still in accordance with the standards specified ZEN Rooms.

ZEN Premium near Purimas Batam Center

We were stayed at ZEN Premium near Purimas Batam Center. This room is located in very strategic place in the center of business in Batam Island, Batam Center.

It’s only need around 5 minutes driving to go to nearest ferry terminal, International Ferry Terminal Batam Center, and Mega Mall Shopping Center.

Among those areas were public open space, like Alun-Alun Engku Putri and government office. Near the hotel itself, there is a lot of choice of culinary, cafe and restaurants, including the gift shop.

Premium Quality in Budget Room

So, what did we get in the room? My first impression was, the room is quite big and tidy, with minimalistic interior. The lighting is quite low, while the room is covered in chocolate cream color paint, creating romantic atmosphere.

There are gifts from ZEN Rooms for their guest in the work desk and bathroom. These gifts can be take by the guests. They are cute notebook with pen and shower bag with hand towel and hand sanitizer.

ZEN Rooms also guarantee free WiFi on every rooms they offered, to ensure all their guests are still connected online.

Above video is our staycation documentation at ZEN Premium near Purimas Batam Center. And here is some photos we want to share.


It is indeed that, staying in ZEN Premium near Purimas Batam Center was a good time and memorable for us –me and my spouse-. We have shoot the room to have it shared with you, guys! For all the advantages of trusting ZEN Rooms as your travel partner, you may refer to my post here. Or wanna read our full review? Just go to my previous post. Good day and stay happy!

Oh yes, if you want to book the rooms, you may refer to ZEN Rooms official website at, or if you want to directly book ZEN Premium near Purimas Batam Center, this is the direct link.

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