WellAsih Spa and Massage Batam, The Kucing Kumis Representation

WellAsih Spa and Massage Batam that provides its guests with needs of relaxation, enjoyment, and the joys of being invigorated, and pampered. Our skilled Therapists have received top, quality training to provide our guests massage services that compete at a global level. WellAsih Spa and Massage Batam describes the holistic well-being of a person and how the body is well cared for to obtain maximum inner balance and beauty.

The Kucing Kumis Representation

The Kucing Kumis flower was chosen to represent WellAsih Spa and Massage Batam due to the parallels both flower and the brand name bring.

The foundation of the parallels is in the holistic therapeutic, widespread benefits and healing the body receives.

The Kucing Kumis herb has a string of medical properties to treat and cure various kinds of diseases of acute and chronic kidney infections, arthiritis, high blood pressure, diabetes, bladder stones and bladder infections (Cystitis).

The leaves contain potassium (boorsma), and glycosides that dissolves uric acid, phosphate and oxalate from the body. It may also be consumed as a tea beverage.

Our team of professional therapists undergo an intensive 2 month skills and assessment programme. Therapists are required to competently perform the full suite of technical competencies in therapies offered, and specific behavioural competencies in customer orientation and service, handling difficult situations and feedback, and work organisation.

Continuous assessments are performed to ensure our professional therapists are performing at an excellent level.

WellAsih SPA

Glow Holistic Spa

Anti Cellulite WellAsih | Price: IDR 300.000

Duration : 1 hour 45 minutes

  • Foot ritual
  • Cellulite massage
  • Cellulite scrub
  • Refreshment

Khas WellAsih | Price: IDR 350.000

Duration : 1 hour 30 minutes

  • Foot ritual
  • WellAsih massage
  • Herbal pouch
  • Hot towel ritual
  • Refreshment

Luluran WellAsih | Price: IDR 350.000

Duration: 1 hour 45 minutes

  • Foot ritual
  • Indonesian massage
  • Lulur
  • Yogurt application
  • Refreshment

WellAsih De-Stress Retreat | Price: IDR 500.000

Duration: 1 hour 45 minutes

  • Foot ritual
  • Choice of body scrub or body mask
  • Choice of body massage
  • Refreshment

Cahaya WellAsih | Price: IDR 800.000

Duration: 3 hour 25 minutes

  • Foot ritual
  • Strawberry scrub
  • Whitening body mask
  • Indonesian massage/thai massage/foot massage
  • Facial
  • Refreshment


WellAsih Spa and Massage

WellAsih Spa and Massage

Thai Massage

  • Duration: 60 minutes  IDR 200.000/ 90 minutes   IDR 300.000

A traditional Thai massage treatment to provide you the optimum pressure experience performed over cloth using carefully selected fabric. A dry stretching technique that targets pressure points and works to relieve muscular aches and pains. It is applied to loosen joints and tone muscles.

Panggang Arang Foot Massage

  • Duration: 90 minutes  IDR 300.000

One of WellAsih signature therapies, they use innovative approaches to achieve overall efficacy to your arms, shoulders and feet combined with a relaxing head massage. This warming technique  helps to improve blood circulation, reduced tired and aching muscles using essential oils, and a special blend of WellAsih herbs. It combines stretching, pressure point and massage technique to enhance blood circulation.

Indonesian Body Massage

  • Duration: 60 minutes  IDR 200.000/ 90 minutes   IDR 300.000

An ancient Indonesian massage technique that has been used for centuries to release stress, loosen tension, cleanes toxins from muscles, and improve blood circulation whilst stimulating serenity and peace of mind. The technique employs a combination of oil, acupressure and gentle strokes. This is an exceedingly unwinding massage and for those in need of serious relaxation.

Hot stones massage

  • Duration: 90 minutes  IDR 400.000

Selected smoot basalt heated stones are expertly glided over your body especially in areas of muscles ache adn tension using heat penetration. The stones may be placed in a targeted muscle zone to provide unsurpassed relief. These special stones are reowned for their restorative capabilities and provide holistic experiences and healing.


WellAsih Spa and Massage

WellAsih Spa and Massage

Body Scrubs | Duration: 30 minutes

  • Cinnamon ScrubIDR 200.000

Designed to stimulate blood circulation and has anti-microbial properties. The scrub helps to increase collagen production improving skin health. Continued treatment will show improvement in the quality of your skin

  • Chocolate scrubIDR 300.000

Crafted to remove dead skin cells and reveal young, glowing skin beneath, to improve the hydration of your skin and complexion leaving your skin soft and supple.

  • Coffee scrubIDR 400.000

Designed to deliver the effects of dilating blood vessels, exfoliating, toning and tightening tissue. Toxin build-up, one of the most common reasons of cellulite formation is removed due to the antioxidants and stimulation that coffee delivers.

  • Strawberry scrubIDR 400.000

Use strawberry as it is one of the most sensuous of fruits due to its folic acid. This natural acid removes toxins from your body, penetrates deep into pores cleaning them, remove debris and impurities, and tightens pores. Strawberry seeds is a gentle exfoliant and enhances whitening of the skin.

BODY MASK | duration 60 minutes

  • Chocolate maskIDR 300.000

Packed with polyphenols and keeps skin soft, supple, and juvenile for long. Designed to exfoliate dead skin and reduce wrinkles. And the scent of chocolate releases endorphins causing you to feel happy.

  • Bengkuang maskIDR 500.000

Designed to remove stains or black spots, keep skin moit and firms the skin. The wrap contains liquorice extract and vitamin C that makes skin appear more smooth, look radiant and glowing white.

  • Clay and green tea maskIDR 600.000

Designed to harness the ingredients of clay and green tea to revitalise youthful skin. The benefits are gentle exfoliation, youthful-looking skin, and lesening of wrinkles. Packed ith antioxidants especially polyphenol in green tea, it may be used for skin conditions like acne.

  • Seaweed maskIDR 600.000

A fine quality seaweed and natural exfoliate known to remove dead skin cells and clear blocked pores. This therapy helps your skin breathe more readily and to receive oxygen that is key to cell regeneration.


  • Armpit ScrubIDR 100.000

Armpit Scrub is a 20 minutes special treatment to reduce discoloration, odours, and dead skin of the armpit area.

  • Breast MaskIDR 150.000

Breast Mask is a 20 minutes treatment to tighten and firm up breasts.

  • Ratus CleanseIDR 180.000

is an efficacious 20 minutes treatment for females specifically to care for the genital area. It is a gentle hygienic therapy used periodically for women after menstruation, and for post pregnancy. This 20 minutes treatment may also be part of a package.


Our 60 minutes facial treatments use the techniques of pre-cleansing, cleansing, toning,

scrubbing, massaging, mask and skin care application. Please choose one of the treatments.

  • NaturalIDR 180.000
  • La TulipeIDR 180.000
  • Wardah | IDR 200.000
  • BiocosIDR 250.000

WellAsih BATH

WellAsih Spa and Massage

WellAsih Spa and Massage

Our 30 minutes selection of  baths assist in the removal of toxins and carcinogens from bodies and improve the overall efficiency of your physical and mental state.

  • Herbal bathIDR 400.000
  • Detox bathIDR 500.000
  • Milk & Honey bathIDR 600.000
  • Sean salt bathIDR 650.000


  1. Free transfer from/to Terminal Ferry Batam Center
  2. Free WiFi
  3. Policy No Smoking & No Alcohol

To book the service please contact one of contact below.

WellAsih Spa and Massage Batam

  • Address: Ruko KDA Junction Block C2 No. 3 Batam Center
  • Office Phone: +62 778 7495 485
  • Mobile : +62 821 7293 6608 | +62 821 7230 6335
  • Email : info@wellasih.com
  • Facebook : www.facebook.com/wellasih.spa
  • Website : www.wellasih.com
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