Tour de Barelang 2017 on 13 May 2017, Registration Opens in March

Tour de Barelang 2017 also known as Batam Six Bridges Road Race is back for its 6th year! This yearly event is a tough race traversing the entire length of main island of Batam and its archipelago and crossing all six bridges along the way. The road offers stunning scenery along the way and you will amaze with amazing views of blue sea waters and green landscape of the islands. But don’t be fooled by it, this is a tough course that punishes the body and soul. Only the sharpest, fastest and hardest will win!

13th May 2017 – Big Day Out!

Cycosports as the organizer of Tour de Barelang 2017 will return to Batam on 13th May for the 6th edition of the classic Tour de Barelang.

The course and format will be the same as previous event, starting point at Sekupang Ferry Terminal.

Cyclist will travel around 75 km along the Trans Barelang Road and going back 60 km to the finish line on the apex of the 1st Barelang Bridge which also known as Tengku Fisabilillah Bridge.

The course in Tour de Barelang 2017 will have a combination of old and new – this year starting from Batam Centre Ferry terminal, travelling 75 km along the Barelang Road and back 60 km to the finish on the apex of the Barelang Bridge.

Ferries will dispatch the riders to Batam in the morning from Harbour Front Ferry Terminal and return back in the afternoon after the race to Singapore by 6-7pm.

After arrive at Batam Centre, prepared yourself and your bike for full day ahead. Once everyone is ready, it is time to depart under police escort for the 12 km neutralized ride through central Batam until you reach the start of the Barelang Bridge Road, where 110km of undulating roads await inter-dispersed with rolling hills, bridges and scenic views.

Once onto the Barelang Bridge road the noise, traffic, hustle and bustle die away and you are soon left to enjoy rolling hills and the countryside of the Batam archipelago.

Tour de Barelang 2017 Routes

Bridge 1, the Barelang Bridge itself comes into view at 24km. It is the most dramatic of the bridges on the route. Carry on to the Tonton Island, 2km further and you have crossed over Nipah Island and then Setokok Island.

At 32 km marker you will touch down on Rempang Island which is where the challenge begins with the next 25km being constantly undulating, never letting up for a moment.

After serial hill climbs, you reach the 5th bridge at 56km and the scenery gets more spectacular as you cross onto Galang Island and take in breathtaking sea views. The final bridge is over to Pulau Galang Baru at 65km and another 10km of rollers later you will reach something of an anticlimactic U-turn at the end of the road to no-where.

Follow your tracks back along the 6 bridges to grand welcome and finish line perched on the summit of the very first bridge at 125km and you have completed the challenge.

Tour de Barelang finish line

Tour de Barelang finish line

Once over the summit glide down the other side to be welcomed by the reception committee at the Plaza and cool down in the ice baths and under the fire hoses provided. We then head to Barelang Seafood Restaurant for lunch.

  • Distance: 125km
  • Total ascent: 1170m
  • Note: Tour de Barelang 2017 route is under review as the roads have been improved that will potentially allow a longer 160km race rather than the normal 125km. Once a full review is complete and feedback from the community sought, we’ll update this page.

Tour de Barelang 2017 Prizes

Details of Tour de Barelang 2017 prizes will follow in due course but prizes will be awarded to:

Individual prizes

  • Cat 1 – 1st, 2nd and 3rd place riders and
  • Cat 2 – 1st, 2nd and 3rd place riders
  • Cat 3 – 1st, 2nd and 3rd place riders
  • Women – 1st, 2nd and 3rd place riders

 Team Prizes

  • Team prizes will be awarded for Cat 1, Cat 2 and Cat 3.
  • Team prize is based upon the combined top 3 riders time per team per category
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