The Pier Batam Cafe and Grill, Harbour Bay, Batam

The Pier Batam Cafe and Grill, is set on the Harbour reflection of the Grill and Barbeque culinary legacy with the breath taking views of the sea with sights of Singapore in the far horizon. The journey of Pier Batam started as a vision to start a world class restaurant by a group of food professionals from Indonesia and India to serve the locals and International travelers and absolutely unique and nouvelle grill experience for the first time in Batam.

How to go to The Pier Batam Cafe and Grill

The Pier Batam is located on the northside of Batam, in the famous blocks of Harbour Bay, Batu Ampar, Batam.

Located next to Nagoya area, this location easy to reach. It is only 5 minutes away from Nagoya, the center of Batam. From Nagoya, just take taxi to drive there, or some hotel may have free transport there.

From Batam Center, it will take around 15 minutes, depend on the traffic situation.

There is limited public transportation to Harbour Bay, that is why mostly of the tourist rent a taxi or using hotel service to go here.

The Pier Batam is next to Harbour Bay Seafood Restaurant and near De Patros Cafe. They are in the same coast line.

The Pier Batam Review

Lately, we are going here to have some dinner. We decided to go to The Pier Batam, as this is will be our first time also to go here. We already planned this since our visit to De Patros Cafe a while ago.

Just in the same line and complex as De Patros, from the front side, it almost has no difference in appearance. Inside the cafe, there is standard table and chairs for dining. Some of them have large size for big group. There are also 2 arcade darts machine games here near the bar. We are taking dinner in the garden, outside the cafe.

The Pier Batam - Garden

The Pier Batam – Garden. All images are properties of

The Pier Batam - Arcade Darts Machine

The Pier Batam – Arcade Darts Machine. All images are properties of

Outside garden is just similar to De Patros cafe, plus additional mini stage for music performance. Music performance will start around 7PM. We went directly sat outside next to bar on the high table. We cancel to go to the garden as it was windy outside.

What I notice here is, the service is fast. Not take too long for us to wait until the waiter showed up to bring us the menu, then left us to read and choose the menu. When we are ready to order, the waiter just come to our time with no time. It is a plus! We ordered a Bento, French Fries and Beef Burger. Then we ordered Virgin Muddled Kiwi Mojito and Shirley Temple as beverages.

The Pier Batam - Shirley Temple

The Pier Batam – Shirley Temple. All images are properties of

The atmosphere

When we are arrived here, it was not so crowded, because it is only 7 PM. The place is clean, good decorative, calm and lively. They played good old music when we are there, nostalgic songs for us. It could be nicer outside if the weather is not so windy, the sky is clear but the wind is a bit wild, not to forget that the cafe is just next to the sea.

When band started the performance, the atmosphere is become more lively. The Band is attractive and nice, they also communicative with guest. From here, we also can see the sights of Singapore on far horizon. Everybody here enjoy their night.

The taste

The beverages comes early, but our main course take much longer time. But it is okay as we also ordered some snack and take our time to chat and enjoy the atmosphere as well.

The Mojito Kiwi is so fresh and refreshing! Superb! Taste of juicy Kiwi fruit blended with ginger ale, club soda and cool mint leaves, just tasted perfect in my tounge. Pure satisfaction! That’s why I ordered one more. Heheh.

The Pier Batam - Kiwi Mojito

The Pier Batam – Kiwi Mojito. All images are properties of

The Bento comes earlier. Taste is good, bur for the soup, it takes my attention as it was warmly fresh and very nice! For the beef burger, just like another standard burger, but with a larger size. Still nice taste though.


With the fastest service, clean and lively place, full entertainment, nice food andd atmosphere, The Pier Batam Cafe is recommended for hangout or dining with couple. Place is quite romantic for couple, best for friends and good for family. Price is also affordable.

The Pier Batam Cafe and Grill

  • Address: Harbour Bay Complex, Block R No. 09, Sungai Jodoh, Batu Ampar, Batam – Indonesia
  • Phone: +62 778 408 1702 / +62 778 408 2900
  • Mobile: +62 813 6466 5539
  • Fanpage:
  • Official website:


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