Hunt Secondhand Goods at Pasar Seken Aviari Batam

Travelling in Batam especially shopping is not just merely shopping with products of high-end or branded of course the price is also pretty fantastic. But, in Batam you can satisfy yourself traveled shopping at cheap prices. One option is thrift or secondhand goods shopping. But don’t worry though thrift but his stuff is still good and very feasible to use. Since most of the secondhand goods are sold in Batam is ex-singapore goods are still in good condition and a newly approach.

Pasar Seken Aviari

One shopping center second hand goods and the most complete in Batam is called as Pasar Seken Aviari. Seken is how second spell in Bahasa Indonesia.

The market is located on the Pasar Seken Aviari Complex, Batuaji, Batam. This area comprises of Plaza Aviari, Aviari Wet Market and Mall consists of a wet market on the first floor and the mall on 2nd and 3rd floor, as well as theĀ Pasar Seken Aviari complex located opposite the Plaza Aaviari.

To access theĀ Pasar Seken Aviari is very easy because traversed by public transport and of course taxi.

This Pasar Seken Aviari is form of a row of shop houses that sell second hand items such as shoes, clothes, furniture, toys, electronic goods until the used car was there.

This area is not only visited by the middle to lower class but also upper looking for unique items and antiques that have been very difficult to find. Of course the price of goods sold here are much cheaper with the items still in good condition.

As an example of shoe brands Puma, Nike and Adidas for sale with prices starting at Rp. 40,000 only. Foreign branded apparel with prices starting from Rp. 10,000 like Levi’s, Giordano, Hummel, Bape, Babymilo etc..

Electronic items such as TVs, refrigerators, cd player, tape Compo, keyboard, computer is also offered at a cheap price. For those of you who want to complete the furniture at cheap prices many options here such as, bed complete with spring bed, wardrobe, dressing table, until the door is available in the Pasar Seken Aviari. For furniture is usually imported from Singapore, the used of hotels in Singapore.

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