Seafood Piayu Laut in Batam, Enjoying Fresh and Cheap Seafood Culinary!

Seafood Piayu Laut is more and more famous in seafood lover and hunter in Batam nowadays, including us! That afternoon, sun was so oppressive in Batam. The five of us were planning to enjoy the fresh Seafood Piayu Laut. We are going there based on friends recommendations which were already there before (note that in that time, Piayu Laut still not as famous as now – this article was update in May 22, 2016). He said that there are traditional kelongs in Piayu Laut which is offering seafood at very cheap and though the taste is not inferior to the No. 1 seafood dishes in Batam . This is an opportunity that should not be abandoned. Our culinary wandering spirit could not just let this opportunity.

Where is this Seafood Piayu Laut?

With riding a motorcycle, we were headed to Piayu Laut. It takes about 20 minutes from Mukakuning to Piayu Laut, with safe speed of course. Can go even faster when speeding, but, of course, not recommended. Why? Because the scenery is beautiful!

Along the way we were treated to such a beautiful sight, to the left of under the road lay the ocean, the sea sparkling sunlight overwritten so hot. Sea water is colorful marine life that live show below.

The reflection of the seawater was like a rainbow-colored green, blue, pink, yellow and brown. Just as distant seas bordered by dense mangrove forests as a bulwark greenish. As for the right way up hills interspersed with views of the ocean and the bridge 1 Barelang towering in the distance.

Scenery to seafood piayu laut

Scenery to seafood piayu laut, you wouldn’t want to let this go

The road to the Piayu Laut paved fairly smooth. But, there is around 200 meters gravel road and still not paved after end of the road. At this point, you must pay attention to the road.

Kelong Seafood Piayu Laut Pak RW

After reach Piayu Laut, we were seek for Kelong Pak RW. In Piayu Laut there are three adjacent kelong. As per recommendation from our friend, we are going to Kelong Pak RW which is famous, cheap and very tasty. We were pleasantly surprised at the kelong because it was (and still) very crowded. this happens because it coincides with a holiday. Before we booked our seafood, we were sight-seeing fish, crabs, cuttlefish and “gonggong” , special slugs from Batam.

Crab Seafood Piayu Laut

Crab Seafood Piayu Laut

Kelong Pak RW is very simple appearance, a kelong made of wooden on stilts over the sea like fishermen houses in the sea. But the view from the kelong is so beautiful, we were treated to a view across the kelong island overgrown mangrove forest green with clear sea water. Sometimes the fishing boat passes in front of the kelong.

Kelong Seafood Piayu Laut

Kelong Seafood Piayu Laut

After being around at the kelong and get a seat with a beautiful view we ordered the seafood, of course, we ask the price first. And below is the price (price may updated by now):

  • Crab: IDR 50,000/kg
  • Cuttlefish: IDR 60,000/kg
  • Reef fish: IDR 55,000/kg
  • Slugs/Gonggong: IDR 30,000/kg

The price above is the price after  cooked. Very cheap isn’t it? because for class kelong restaurant can cost 2-3 time.

After a long wait for our order being cooked because so many visitors we finally get to enjoy the delicious seafood dusk. And it’s true even though the price is cheap but it tastes really delicious, though the seafood dishes no less than resto.

Eating seafood must be accompanied by a fresh coconut. And today our culinary tour is very satisfying.


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