Obonk Steak and Ribs, Delicious Steak in Cheaper Price

Batam is absolutely culinary paradise for culinary lovers. A wide range of culinary specialties and general served here. Steak is one of the exciting culinary options, because this menu is not available in all of restaurants. One restaurant in Batam that serves a variety of steaks as their main menu is “Obonk Steak and Ribs”.

How to get there

Located in the commercial complex GreenLand Batam Center, Batam, this restaurant has a typical interior design.

Its interior is dominated by the orange color and adorned with decorative lights on the outside and dim lights on the inside to make the romantic atmosphere, perfect for enjoying a steak meal in the evening with family, colleagues, friend or your partner.

Obonk Steak and Ribs is a franchise company (franchise) from Solo which is started fromYogyakartaby Sugondo in 1997. Obonk word was taken from Java language “Kobong” which means “Burned”.

From the beginning, Obonk Steak and Ribs target customers were the middle to lower economic classes. The goal is even the middle to lower economic classes people can also eat steak in an affordable price. Therefore, Obonk Steak and Ribs offers the concept of “A Taste of Five Star, With Street Markets Prices”.

At that time, the steak was still known as the sumptuous menu with the target market middle class and above. Many people prefer come to Obonk Steak because of the taste is delicious, and the price is also reasonable. You should try one.

Obonk steak Steak and Ribs offered a variety menus, which are Sirloin, Tenderloin, Chicken, Chicken pepper, T-Bone, Blackpepper, pepper Tenderloin, Rib’s, Rib’s Eye, Hot Tuna, calamari, Gindara, Obonk.

Also, in addition, there is a menu lan Crispy Beef Hot Plate as Crispy, Crispy Chicken, Chicken cheese, Crispy Mix, Double Crispy, and Tender Pepper.

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