New Face of Labun Island Resort at Barelang 6th Bridge, Batam

Labun Island, managed by the Labun Island Resort is famous for its underwater tourism since several years ago. According to Joni, manager of Labun Island Resort, they are the first resort and tour organizer to offer the beauty of the underwater world in Batam by snorkeling and diving, even before Abang Island and Petong Island are popular.

How to go to Labun Island

Labun Island located nearby Galang Baru Island, Barelang. To get here, we need to pass a series of infamous 6 Barelang bridges and cross total of 5 islands.

The journey then continues by speed boat from Labun Island Resort port around 10 minutes. It will take approximately one hour from Batam to Labun Island. Note that, upon this article writing, there is no public transportation to get to Labun Island.

To be able to travel to Labun Island, we must make reservations in advance with the manager. The reason is because this island is a private property and only guests who have made reservations can enter the island.

In recent years, Labun Island looks deserted from activity. When we confirmed with Joni as the manager of Labun Island, it turns out that they are doing a total renovation in the last 2 years. So, it doesn’t have much activity there during that period.

Joni said that he worried that guests will feel disturbed by renovation activities that were running at that time. So he decided to close the resort when the renovation is on going.

Now, the renovation has finished about 95% and is ready for service with better facilities.


The first thing that immediately visible when we arrived at Labun Island is the infrastructure. All the formerly wooden liners have now been replaced with concrete, coated and painted in new and light colors.

According to Joni, the decision to change the material from wood to concrete is for the safety of visitors. In addition, concrete is more durable compare to wood which has more complicated maintenance and only lasted for about 2 years.

Restaurant and rooms

These two main facilities have been completely renovated and equipped with new facilities.

New furniture with parakeet’s floor is ready to entertain guests with seafood as the main dish. Karaoke system has been installed with a large screen television in the middle, ready for guest entertainment.

Every room at Labun Island Resort is equipped with air conditioning and new furniture, complete with satellite TV to make the guest more convenient.

Snorkeling, diving and fishing equipment

These support tools are more complete and come with brand new equipment. The oxygen tubes are neatly arranged and placed in a special place for underwater equipment. A special fishing spot is also provided floating in front of the resort.

Beaches on two sides of the island

South side beach of Labun Island

South side beach of Labun Island

Labun Island has two beaches located on different sides. One beach on the south side of the island and one beach on the west side of the island that is directly facing towards the sunset.

Info and reservations

For information and reservations of Pulau Labun Resort, please contact the number below.

  • Whatsapp (always online)/call (PM only): +62896-2308-4000
  • SMS/Call only (AM only): +62813-7836-3090
  • Whatsapp/SMS/call: +62812-1099-9347
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