Kampung Terih, New Eco Tourism Village Destination in Nongsa, Batam

There are a lot of old vilages in Batam, we called it as Kampung Tua. The most well-known old villages in Batam are Kampung Tua Tiangwangkang which is located nearby Barelang Bridges, Tanjung Uma in Jodoh region, and Kampung Tua Piayu Laut. There is also an old village in Nongsa, named Kampung Terih. Kampung Terih has an area of ​​about 12 hectares and located directly opposite Batam Center, which is only separated by a shallow sea lane.

Kampung Terih as a tourist village

Spectacular scenery will welcome visitors as it passes through the gates of Kampung Terih village on top of the hill.

From the gate above this hill, lies the landscape of Batam Center at the boundary of the horizon and the ocean is very clear lying at the foot of the cloud.

With its west-facing beach, the sunset view in Kampung Terih is always amazing every day.

Seeing the potential of Kampung Terih, some young people who joined in PARI Community trying to make this village become a tourist village.

PARI is a Riau Islands nature lovers and explorer community that has a vision to lift tourism and history of old village, especially in Batam. In addition, PARI community is also belongs to Genpi Kepri and Genpi Batam members. Genpi is an abbreviation of “Generation Pesona Indonesia” which is under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism.

Kampung Terih will the first tourist village which is established, created and developed by Genpi members in Indonesia. So, not just to create a trending topic or make tourist destinations viral thru social media, Genpi Batam also participate to create & form tourist destinations.

What to do in Kampung Terih

Kampung Terih jetty

Kampung Terih jetty

Kampung Terih more focus on ecotourism that includes coastal tourism, mangroves, culture and history. Among the attractions in Kampung Terih, there is a wooden jetty with a length of about 75 meters. This jetty surely will become a mainstay in Kampung Terih. In this jetty, we can enjoy beautiful sunset when dusk is coming.

At the mangrove location, there is also a wooden walk-through that surrounds the mangrove area with a length about 100 meters. Meanwhile, for guest who want to take a walk on the beach, white sand beach is located next to mangrove forest.

17 meters high three houses also be one of the adrenaline-challenging selfie spots. The lodges within the mangrove coast can be used by visitors to rest while enjoying the cool mangrove forests.

This mangrove beach area is also used as a camping ground location and can accommodate about 20-30 tents. The small cottages along the main beach of Kampung Terih made this place more beautiful while enjoying the scenery of the fisherman who is working at the sea. A lot of photographers in Batam makes Kampung Terih as one of their favorite hunting locations in Batam.

Camping Ground during day time

Camping Ground during day time

Camping Ground during night time

Camping Ground during night time

Historically, during World War II, Kampung Terih was once be a base for the Japanese army. Japanese soldiers set up their arsenals along the coast of Kampung Terih. Until now, traces of the legacy of the Japanese army can still be found in the village of Terih in the form of building footprints which is shaped like a warehouse.

Turtles rescue center in Kampung Terih

What is more interesting in Kampung Terih is turtle rescue. The turtles which caught in fishing nets or fishing cages will be localized in a special spot on Kampung Terih beach before they will be released to the sea again.

Turtle rescue center

Turtle rescue center

Green turtles and hawksbill turtles are often caught here. Both are protected species. To protect these animals, PARI Batam and Pokdarwis Kampung Terih community have tied up cooperation with BKSDA Batam.

In the future, not only the turtles will be saved to this location, but also other protected species, albatrosses. The construction for this sea eagle is also under construction and will be a priority project in Kampung Terih. This will make Kampung Terih as the only rescue center for sea turtle and sea eagle in Batam.

Aside of that, it can also be used as a special attraction for tourists whose visit Kampung Terih tourist destination.

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