Tips: How to Getting Around Batam on a Budget

For you who are planning to travel to Batam, here is some useful information for you on how to getting around Batam on a budget. Batam is a growing city and yet, still developing in many sectors including the transportation. However, there are existing transportation modes you can use to getting around the city, they are private transportion and public transportation.

Part 1: Private Transportion

Most tourists choose this type of transportation mode because it is easier, faster, have better coverage and flexibility. Lack of information of public transport also the reason behind it.

But, don’t worry, right now Batam is preparing its public transportation to be more and more convenient, adding the availability and more routes to serves.

There are three types of private transportation for you to choose, they are taxis, car rental and ojek (motorcycle rental).


This is the most common transportation service and available almost everywhere. However, there two types of taxi in Batam, which is official taxi and so called “black” taxi.

The difference between those taxis is taximeter. Black taxi don’t have taximeter and taxi license, it is just like daily use car. The driver determines the price based on distance and it is possible also to bid. It is recommended to choose the official taxi instead of black taxi.

Car Rental

Small group of tourists often get around Batam using this service. Advance appointment is needed prior arrival. This choice is good if you travel within a group and need to getting around Batam on a budget.

Price range:

  • Up to IDR200,000 for pickup only
  • Min IDR740,000 for 12H rent with driver

Note: price is vary between car rental service.

Ojek (Motorcycle Rental)

Gojek rider by

Gojek rider by

This is the cheapest private transportation to choose if you are travel on budget and not bringing many stuff or luggage. Good choice to getting around Batam on a budget for a non-group travelers.

Aside of conventional ojek which can be found mostly on public area, now, there are online ojek service (application based) available in Batam, they are Gojek and Wakjek. Gojek is known as nationwide ojek service in Indonesia, while Wakjek is originally developed by Batam local talent. Both applications can be downloaded from Google Play and App Store.

The difference between conventional and online ojek are the availability, flexibility and transparency.

Conventional ojek is only available on their station, while online ojek can pick you up on your exact location. While price is almost the same, online ojek offers you the price transparency and flexibility to pay. But the advantage on taking conventional ojek is, you can bid the price.

Conventional Ojek

  • Price : up to IDR 50,000 – depend on distance, negotiable.
  • Maximum range : flexible, as per request

Online Ojek

  • Price : depend on distance, can be seen on app, non negotiable.
  • Maximum range : flexible, as per request

Part 2: Mass transportion

Mass transport is the cheapest transportation mode in Batam and the best choice if you planned to getting around Batam on a budget. There are three types of them, which is Carry, Bimbar, and bus. Carry and Bimbar is widely known in Indonesia as “Angkot”.


Batam public transport, Carry - How to Getting Around Batam on a Budget

Batam public transport, Carry

Carry is small size Angkot, and the reason behind it called Carry was simply because the car brand is Suzuki Carry. There are two main routes served by these Carry.

Below are the routes and how to identify it.

  • Yellow CarryRoute: from Muka Kuning to Bengkong thru Batam Center
  • Brown Carry. Route: from Sagulung to Muka Kuning thru Batuaji

Price range: IDR 2000 ~ IDR 5000 depends on distance


Batam public transport, Bimbar - How to Getting Around Batam on a Budget

Batam public transport, Bimbar

Bimbar is medium size Angkot and the name is taken from the transport service itself. This Bimbar has 3 main routes and more coverage than Carry.

The Bimbar and route can be identifying as below:

  • Blue BimbarRoute: from Dapur 12 Sagulung to Nagoya thru Batam Center
  • Maroon/Red Bimbar. Route: from Dapur 12 Sagulung to Nagoya thru Sukajadi
  • Pink Bimbar (also known as Jono). Route: from Jodoh to Nongsa thru Batam Center

Price range: IDR 5000 ~ IDR 10000 depends on distance.

Trans Batam Bus

Batam public transport, Bus - How to Getting Around Batam on a Budget

Batam public transport, Bus

Owned and operated by government. But, it still serving fewer routes and not covers all district and area of Batam. Route is available on the bus stop and attach on the bus itself. To go with the bus, you need to come to nearest bus stop and buy the ticket there.

Price range: IDR 4000 – flat all destinations, except from airport will be IDR 15000 – flat.

Where to get on and get off

Best gate to come to Batam is thru Batam Center ferry terminal. You can easily access to other parts of Batam from this terminal. However, depend on your destination, I have made the list on where to get on and get off for your reference.

Nagoya, Batu Ampar and Jodoh

Nagoya is only 10 minutes away from Harbour Bay ferry terminal. For travel on budget, ojek is the best choice from here. It will cost around IDR 10,000 to Nagoya depend on your destination. It is advisable to take online ojek so they can pick you up right in Ferry Terminal. Otherwise, you need to walk around 3 minutes to go outside Harbour Bay complex to find conventional ojek.

If you are planning to heads up to Nagoya from Batam Center, Blue Bimbar, Bus and ojek are your best choice. Blue Bimbar and Bus covers most area in Nagoya, while ojek is more flexible upon your destination.

Blue Bimbar route from Batam Center will pass through these locations:

Bus Route from Batam Center is thru Batu Ampar and ended in Jodoh. Bus station is only 2 minutes walk from Batam Center Ferry Terminal. The route will pass through these locations:


Main tourist attraction in Bengkong is Golden City, which you can have some sport activities like, go-kart and paintball, or enjoy the seafood at Golden Prawn Restaurant and buy some layer cake or keropok as a gift nearby restaurant. There is also Indonesia house miniature and Kuda Lumping show which available upon request.

You can reach here using Yellow Carry until its end destination then continue by 5 minutes walk, or directly using ojek from Batam Center ferry terminal.


Nongsa is widely known as resort and golf area. There is not much transportation mode to go to Nongsa. But if you want to explore more on Nongsa, Ojek is your best choice because its flexibility.

Bus and Pink Bimbar is the second option, because these two transports are end before the main tourist attraction at Nongsa Coast area. In the end, you need to continue to use Ojek service to explore more on Nongsa.

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