Angkringan Batam
Salah satu angkringan di Batam yang berlokasi di depan Top 100 Mall Tembesi Batuaji

Angkringan (derived from the Javanese ‘angkring’ which means sit back) is a wheelbarrow that sells a wide range of foods and beverages commonly found in each side of the street in Central Java and Jogjakarta. Solo is known as stalls hic (“fine cuisine a la kampoong”) or “wedangan”. Angkringan ordinary wagon covered with plastic tarps and can carry about 8 people buyers. Operates from late afternoon, he relied on the traditional lighting called as “senthir”, and also aided by the light of street lamps.

When hearing the word “angkringan” then we will be remember to Jogjakarta, yup.. angkringan synonymous with roadside hangout mostly in the city of Jogjakarta and other cities in Central Java. But now angkringan have growth in the city of Batam. This is possibly due to the colony of Java is quite dominant in Batam which is then utilized this opportunity by the creative people who have the entrepreneurial spirit of this angkringan to do business.

For residents of Batam or tourists in Batam can enjoy a dish or just hang out in angkringan could be an option. Angkringan be a cheap option for the people of Batam, mostly industrial workers to release tired after a long day of work.

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Angkringan be an alternative for the community and tourists in Batam are usually hanging out at a cafe or coffee shop that well, to enjoy the different atmosphere and returning to the rural atmosphere. In this angkringan we can enjoy the cheap dishes like a “nasi kucing” with a side dish. But this famous dish in Batam is somewhat different than in Yogyakarta, Batam type of food served more varied as toast, penyet chicken, grilled chicken, chicken satay, gado-gado and much more.

Of course the main dish every angkringan in Batam is “teh obeng” (Batam typical sweet iced tea), coffee, ginger coffee, ginger tea, ginger milk coffee and bandrek. Unlike angkringan in Yogyakarta, which typically use tables and benches,  in Batam angkringan made very casual use small low table that is placed on a mat and visitors sat cross-legged . Usually angkringan locations are in the yard or the parking of office or shopping complex and is equipped with free Wi-Fi, in a complex that can be up to tens angkringan more choices for visitors. Visitors can socialize in a community in this angkringan or just hang out while surfing the internet.

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Some angkringan in Batam are quite popular include Graha Sulaiman Complex Nagoya, Mega Legenda  Market Complex, Mall Top 100 Batuaji, Batavia shopping complex Batuaji.



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