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Grand Odiseus SPA is one of the spa center located in Mega Mall Batam Center. Escape from the crowd and find your self relax, unwind and take time to your self. A big mention must be made about the service. Not only are the therapists extremely well trained and good at what they do, but their unobtrusive friendliness is second to none.

Grand Odiseus SPA & Salon is open from 10am-10pm daily. This spa center is located at Mega Mall Batam Center 2nd Floor, Jl Engku Putri, Batam Centre, Indonesia. Grand Odiseus SPA is offering various spa packages as below:

1. Aromatherapy Massage

During this massage use your choice of either relaxation, refreshing, warming, breath free or calming Grand Odiseus specially blended oils. The special massage techniques are a combination of Chinese, Japanese and connective tissue massage will rejuvenate tired muscles and calm your mind.

2. Swedish Massage

Designed to improve blood circulation, relieve aching muscles and calm the mind and body. We begin with a foot bath and spray then a full body massage based on cross fiber strokes and firm palm pressure techniques starting from the legs and working up, with particular emphasis on the joints. A useful and beneficial massage for minor sporting injuries or soreness.

Grand Odiseus SPA is not to be missed , never to be forgotten our signature massage is a unique blend of four different massage styles. Thai, Hawaian Lomi-lomi. Swedish and Balinese. That employs two therapist working in harmony. The synchronization of the two therapist make this a sublime experience.


Based on the ancient Japanese massage style, we use palms, fingers, thumbs, and even feet to provide deep penetrating pressure into the muscles and release long built up tension and increase the circulation of energy and restore body balance.


Treat your boy to a full body scrub. Damaged skin cells will be removed giving your skin a smoother, brighter and rejuvenate feeling. The body scrub lasts for 40 minutes. This is followed by an aromatherapy massage & body wash.


Originating from the Royal palaces in Java we begin this treatment with a lulu scrub consisting of turmeric, sandalwood and herbs and spices which leaves the skin cleansed, refreshed and feeling smoother and softer. We follow with an acupressure massage using thumbs and pressure points to reduce stress and replace well being. This is followed by a whitening body mask and flower bath to give your skin radiance. To finish a REVLON moisturizing body lotion is applied. Now all that is left to do is for you to sit back, relax, and take in the experience with a hot ginger tea.


This ultimate indulgent experience begins with an antiseptic footbath and spray followed by a comforting body massage which will tease, tantalize and leave you wanting more, which is exactly what you will get. We follow up with an aromatherapy massage with your choice from 6 essential oils. Relax still while a body worming boreh herbal wrap is applied. Now take a warm bath with fresh flower petals. Close your eyes, relax and take in the aroma. Step out of your bath and receive a REVLON moisturizing body lotion, then take you time gathering you senses with the aid of a hot ginger tea to complete your treatment.


Take the time to pamper yourself and you will be glad you did. This treatment is designed for those who wish to pamper themselves to a total detoxification treatment. We start with an antiseptic footbath and spray followed by a comforting body massage to relax and lure you into a state of calm. An exfoliating full body scrub to remove dead skin cells and leave your skin feeling soft and smooth follows. Only to be supersede by an aromatherapy massage using one of 6 essential oils of your choice which will stimulate blood circulation and heighten your senses. Now that your body has received a total cleansing and you feeling rejuvenated we finish with a whitening body mask application, a flower bath in fresh petals and tea, a REVLON moisturizing body lotion and a hot ginger tea. Walk away feeling totally replenished, inspired and pampered from this treatment.

Grand Odiseus Spa – Regular Rates

Subject may change by now.

NO     TREATMENT                                            LENGHT of TREATMENT    RATE
1     AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE                      1 hour                                      IDR215,000
2     AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE                      1.5 hours                                IDR300,000
3     JAVANESE TRADITIONAL MASSAGE      1 hour                                     IDR175,000
4     JAVANESE TRADITIONAL MASSAGE      1.5 hours                                IDR250,000
7     JAVANESE LULUR                                          1 hr 45 mins                          IDR290,000
8     BALINESE BOREH                                          1 hr 45 mins                          IDR290,000

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