Festival Indonesia Festival and its Role in Indonesian Tourism

Indonesia is a rich country with various festivals organized by various parties spread all over the country. Various festivals that managed to appear to be the main features and attractions in each region. This will be summarized through Festival Indonesia Festival with the sounding hashtag #PesonaFestInFest2018

Contribution in attracting tourists

These creative festivals have contributed in attracting tourists from various places as well as entertaining the citizens.

Given the diverse and massive festivals that exist throughout Indonesia, the Ministry of Tourism will take a serious role in presenting the “Festival Indonesia Festival“.

Ministry of Tourism initiative to organize an activity that aims to collect the potential, experience, and cooperation of festivals throughout Indonesia to be effective, vibrant, and optimal. Through this Festival Indonesia Festival, all potential festivals will be in one stage stakeholders, both government, sponsors, and audience.

Festival Indonesia Festival also become an important event to prepare a calendar of events (Calendar of Events) festival that is national and comprehensive. This activity is performed in the form of exhibitions, performances, seminars, dialogues, film screenings, culinary, and mini-carnival.

You can especially enjoy artistry from Ten Priority Destinations, of course with the narration and the theme of each. Enjoy the splendor at “Sapta Pesona Kemenpar Building”, the historic place for meeting the founders of the nation while initiating the idea of ​​nationalism in the 1920’s.

It is expected that through this Festival Indonesia Festival, all tourism stakeholders can optimize the steps to welcome the future. In order to establish a unified orchestration in harmony of all the elements of potential and energy of human tourism in the country.

Festival Indonesia Festival Day Two

The second day of the festival will still be presenting “Exhibition and Exposition of 100 Wonder Event” from 9 am to 9 pm. Then it will be followed by “Ten Event National Socialization” as part of 100 winning events for 2018.

Next, there will be “Table Top” in two sessions, namely a meeting between festival organizers or events with the tourism industry.

Festival Indonesia Festival

Festival Indonesia Festival

This two-day event will end with the “Bluemoon Festival” event, taking the momentum of supermoon, bluemoon, and eclipse that happen simultaneously. Perhaps not many people know that this amazing natural event like this last took place on March 31, 1866.

If you see the sequence of events for two this, Festival Indonesia Festival looks very solid. That is why it is packed in such a way as to be interesting.

“There is entertainment,” said Esthy Reko Astuti, COE 2018 Chief Executive Officer Esthy Reko Astuti.

Of course the Festival Indonesia Festival is a good learning event through sharing, discussion, and cooperation among tourism. Even if the communication between tourism industry actors has been going well, there are times when Festinfest is needed. This is the place.

“We have to build good communication, however, we all want Indonesian tourism better,” Esthy said.

Festival Indonesia Festival

Festival Indonesia Festival

With the target number of foreign tourists to be achieved in 2019, then the active participation of all elements of the nation is needed. In addition to Calendar 100 event Wonderful Indonesia 2018 award, there will be the Asian Games XVIII event in Jakarta & Palembang and World Bank IMF meeting in Bali.

Surely all must be successful. Coordination should be intensified. It is natural that all festival stakeholders will be present at the “Festival Indonesia Festival”.

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