Heaven and Hell Pizza, New Pizza Menu from Fame Hotel Batam

Fame Hotel Batam, one of the newest 2 stars hotel in Batam, located in Batuaji, just launched their new menu for their restaurant, Popcorn Resto and WoF (Wall of Fame) Sky Bar, which will officially opened in May 2016. Before go to main topic, I would like to review a bit about the hotel itself.

Fame Hotel Batam, Film and Music themed hotel

This is not my first time to come to Fame Hotel Batam. When we were there, actually we were more interested to go upstairs, at the WoF Sky Bar.

But, apparently, WoF Sky Bar haven’t launched at that time. So, we decide to have a dinner in Popcorn Resto that night.

The hotel was (and still) very nice. From the outside it’s just like an ordinary 2 stars hotel, standard. But, inside the lobby is outstanding; suddenly the atmosphere is changing, different.

Everything looks in place and nice, well organized, clean and tidy. Well, even the lobby is not too large, but still comfortable. Sofa and chairs are in place.

There are many accessories attached on the wall, with music and film as its theme. Violin, guitar, even the gramophone are available as room decoration.

Look like Fame Hotel Batam did their branding seriously. And well, they’ve done it well!

Popcorn Resto

First impression, comfort. I think this one important word is important when we are going to decide to have a dinner. What do you think if you just enter the restaurant but feel uncomfortable with the situation or even with the restaurant itself, do you still continue? I don’t think so.

So, the room layout is good, there are many types of table and chair to choose. Guest can choose the table as their want and as their need. I think, that was great for Fame Hotel Batam to think about the guest needs. To give them option, to cater their needs.

Best Part: Heaven and Hell Pizza!

Well, from the name, it’s quite unique and interesting. At the first, I cannot imagine what will the pizza looks like. But, after a short brief by Roza, public relation of Fame Hotel, finally we understand. They give a concept for this pizza, obviously.

Heaven and Hell, two opposite side. And in this case, the pizza will have two sides in one pan, different taste, different texture and different appearance.

And then the pizza comes; now we totally understand!

First highlight is the size and shape. Heaven and hell pizza comes with square shape with 60 x 25 cm in size. This is our first time to order square pizza. Of course it has nothing to do with taste or whatever. But, it’s giving us good impression.

Two sides of Heaven and Hell Pizza

This pizza is thin and crispy, typically Italian pizza. Just like what I highlighted earlier that this pizza has two different sides, just like its theme, Heaven and Hell. One side has highlighted red color; obviously, it’s the hell’s side. Sausage, 3 colors paprika’s, slice of meat and mushrooms are the toppings.

Heaven & Hell Pizza, Hell's Side

Heaven & Hell Pizza, Hell’s Side

One thing that I notice in this side, and I think it is unusual, is that the chef added eggplant as a topping. Well, this is weird and awkward for me. I don’t like eggplant in my whole life and now “accidentally” I ate one. Well done, chef! But, to be honest, the taste is good though. But for the next, I will special request to remove this eggplant. Hahaha.

On the other side, the “Heaven’s side”, comes with brighter appearance, yellow. This side is taste sweet, because it’s containing fruits as the toppings. Slices of bananas, pineapples, cherries and corn, plus banana’s jam and mozzarella are on top of this side.

Heaven & Hell Pizza, Heaven's Side

Heaven & Hell Pizza, Heaven’s Side

And the best part is, according to the Chef, I Putu Ary, the ingredients used is organic.

The Taste

I am more interested to try the Hell’s side first. First bite tasted so crispy and yummy, with the delicious melted mozzarellas on top of it, filled the mouth with tastiness and satisfaction. Everyone enjoy the taste bite per bite, yes, you should too. I’m in love with hell, ups!

Now go to the other side, the brighter one, with fruit farm on top of it. Felt so sweet, it was my first time to try the fruit pizza, and it was beyond my expectation, superb! Obviously, now I cleared my doubt on fruit pizza. Tasted good!

Overall, this Heaven and Hell pizza is recommended and a must try item. Cozy and comfortable place with stunning pizza, plus cheap price, it’s just perfect. Cheap? Yes, for 60 x 25 cm pizza with IDR 99.000, it is cheap and affordable.

Fame Hotel Batam

  • Address: Putri Hijau Complex, Jalan Let. Jend. R. Suprapto, Batu Aji, Langkai River, Sagulung, Batam City, Riau Islands 29425
  • Phone: (0778) 7361111
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