Experience Sijori Resort and Spa, the First Wellness Concept Resort in Batam

Sijori Resort and Spa has now open for reservation for after almost 3 years of in-operation due to total resort renovation. In this second quarter of 2018, Sijori Resort and Spa, which is also member of Healing Hotels of the World, now back to business with a new concept “Spa and Wellness”, thus becoming the first resort in Batam with spa and wellness concept, together with supported accommodation and complete facilities.

Overview of Sijori Resort and Spa

Sijori Spa and Resort has been established for 27 years and located in Sekupang. It takes only about 5 minutes’ journey from Sekupang International Ferry Terminal to the resort. Very convenient for you who travel to Batam from Singapore or Malaysia.

Sijori Spa and Resort Batam offers a soothing, relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, in line with the expectation of a wellness concept resort.

This 10-hectare resort has a total of 96 rooms, 30 rooms located in bungalows and 66 other rooms located in the main building with different room types.

Bungalow rooms located at the other side of resort, on top of the hill. These bungalows have Premiere and Deluxe type which are divided into 5 bungalow buildings. Each room has an area between 30 to 40 square meters with a balcony in each room.

As for the rooms in the main building, they are located on the 2nd and 3rd floor with Superior, Deluxe Suite, Junior Presidential and Presidential Suite room type. All these rooms have been completely renovated with modern decor and furnishings.

As a resort with the concept of wellness, you cannot miss to experience their spa service. Sijori Resort has dedicated spa center called Sparadise SPA. The treatment offered is very complete from body massage, scrub, and body mask. All materials used for this treatment are natural ingredients.

Not only that, Sijori Resort also has essential oil and aromatherapy that vary and will be different every month, so it will give you a different sensation.

Weekend at Sijori Resort and Spa

Last weekend (19/05), our family had the opportunity to visit and stay at Sijori Resort and Spa. It was 2 PM when we arrived at the lobby. The weather was cloudy but it did not lower our excitement to come.

The resort’s lobby is very spacious, modern and nicely decorated. It is so quiet and calming aromatherapy. The lounge has casual seating in every corner. There is one corner at the lobby which caught my attention. There is a table full of spices of ingredients to make herbs, such as ginger, sour turmeric, temulawak and so on.

Once explained by Ami, one of the staff of Sijori Resort and Spa, that corner is dedicated to “Jamu Session”. Jamu is Indonesian traditional herb. This jamu is destined as a welcome drink guests who stay at the resort. Not only that, this jamu also can be enjoyed in the restaurant.

Jamu Session Corner

Jamu Session Corner

Jamu Session Demo

Jamu Session Demo

First impressions are great for guests. Not only to drink, in Jamu Session, staff will also explain the efficacy of each herbal medicine to guests and even demonstrated on how to process and mix it, then poof! Become Jamu. Well, that is interesting!

Finished check-in, we headed to our room. Our room is located at the bungalow situated on a hill. We got room number 146, which is a Premiere type room. The location is quite far if taken by foot (plus luggage). But the good news is, Sijori provides buggy car that is ready to lead the guest to the front of the bungalow. Nice! And to be note that, the staffs are friendly.

Premiere Sijori Resort Room



Outside view from 2nd floor

Outside view from 2nd floor

The room we occupied is very spacious. Beside the bed, there is a couch where located next to glass door leading to the balcony with park view. Working desk located in other corner of the room, facing the couch.

For those of us who bring family like us, this room is very comfortable. Children are free and comfortable to play. What I really like is private balcony which overlooking the green garden. Really refreshing. Imagine taking a cup of tea in the afternoon here.

The bathroom is clean, spacious and equipped with bath tub, as well as other toiletries such as soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, towel and hair dryer.

Spa and swimming pool

After tidying up our luggage, we headed to walk around the resort. We passed through the park that led us to the pool which is located downhill. Enjoy the walking here, it is cool and fresh because of the lush trees. This line also serves as a jogging track.

Sparadise SPA is located right in front of the pool. The atmosphere is so relaxed and calm. This spa design is like a villa, feels very cozy outside and inside.

The swimming pool at Sijori Resort is quite large. It has some depth from 30 cm to the deepest is 2.8 meters which has dark color. Even it can be used for diving course, but it is not available at the moment at Sijori. Between the adult pool and the pool of children separated by the pool bar.

Spa Room

Spa Room

Fishing and enjoy your catch

Right beside the pool there is a lake and function as fishing pond. This is quite an attractive facility for the guest, especially if their hobby is fishing. There are several spots destined for fishing around the pond, such as a gazebo and small bridge connecting a small island in the middle of a pond.

Well, interesting fact again that, it turns out the results of fishing can be enjoyed directly at the resort. You can just ask the resort’s help to process your catch with additional fees.

In the middle of the pond there are 2 fish statues that attracted the attention of my two children when playing around the pond. There are also ducks that roam around the pond.

This pond is known to have an area of ​​about 100 square meters and a depth of about 1.5 meters. According to the resort, the fish contained therein are golden fish, pomfret, lohan fish, and catfish. For those who do not bring fishing rods, Sijori Resort also provides fishing rods and bait.

Other activities

Other than what I mentioned above, there are some other exciting activities at this resort, such as archery, mini golf course and in the future, there will be flying fox. In addition, this resort also grows many kinds of medicinal plants and fruits. They are jackfruit, dragon fruit, turmeric, ginger, and there are other hydroponic plants that can be visited by guests.

Well, unfortunately when we stayed there last week, it’s been rainy all the day so we do not have time to try these activities. Hopefully next time there’s a chance!

Price list and other information

In addition to the spa, wellness and stay, Sijori Resort & Spa also accepts groups, communities, or groups looking to establish team building at Sijori Resort. You may contact Sijori Resort thru some contacts below.

As for the price of activities at the resort are as follows:

  • Fishing: IDR 100,000/ pax
  • Archery: IDR 100,000/ 10 arrows

These paid facilities are only available for hotel guests. Other hotel facilities are free, such as swimming pool, mini golf, wifi all area, Jamu Session / herbal demo, 64 international channels, and shuttle service from resort to mall.

This Ramadan, Sijori Resort & Spa offers special Ramadan package at their Courtyard Restaurant. The restaurant has a capacity of up to 100 people.

Special package from Sijori Resort offers buffet breaking package starting from IDR 128,000 net / person. This package includes 21 varieties of food ranging from 3 Appetizer, 1 Soup, 5 Main Course, 3 Live Cooking, & 7 Dessert (Ta’jil), coffee drinks and tea served warmly. Fasting menus like Fried Chicken Spice Rujak, Chili Chili Ijo cook tauco, Pepes tofu and many other menus. During Ramadan in the first week for guests who come 6 people will get free 1 person, for the second week until the fourth come 11 people free 1 person.

Sijori Resort & SPA Batam

  • Address: Jl. Ir. Sutami No. 6 Sekupang, Batam
  • Phone: 0778 – 323388
  • Fax: 0778 – 322864
  • Email: info@sijoriresort.com.sg
  • CP1: Antony 081266529130
  • CP2: Viki 08126701612
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