Cheap Spa and Massage in Batam

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Batam is a city that is perfect for relaxation of Singaporeans who are tired of working for a full week. Not only because of its proximity, but also because many facilities that can be used to unwind and relax at a low price for Singaporean.

One of the facilities for leisure and relaxation in Batam is Spa and massage. @EnjoyBatam called it as Spa and Massage Tour, there are many spa and massage are scattered in Batam. There are usually the expensive class located in star hotels and resorts and many more affordable with a relatively cheap price. Cheap spa and massage in Batam usually located in a shopping complex or shop. But even though the location is in the shops, the service quality is not inferior to the spa and massage located at star hotel.

Because the price is cheaper with a good quality of service, cheap spa and massage in Batam more and more demand, not only local tourists, many foreign travelers such as from Singapore, Malaysia to  become customer of this low budget Spa and Massage. So with a budget much cheaper tourists can get spa services and massage are not far to services of spa and massage at hotels in Batam.

Not surprisingly, cheap spa and massage in Batam more and more by providing various types of traditional and modern services. This is supported by so many variations of the traditional beauty secret recipes from all over Indonesia who became eminent services respectively Spa and Massage in Batam.

One of so many low budget Spa and Massage in Batam is Wellasih Spa and Massage which is located in Batam Center area. Wellasih Spa and Massage provides traditional spa services using herbal leaves Kumis Kucing that are beneficial for health and beauty.

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