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Jual tas Batam

Cheap Shopping Places for Perfumes, Gadgets, and Tas Branded Batam

Batam is famous for its cheap shopping, some say it is shopping paradise. In Indonesia, when people heard the name of Batam, what they...
Oleh-Oleh Kaos Khas Batam Bas Bis Bus

Bas Bis Bus Special Gift of T-shirt Batam

Data BPS ( Central Bureau of Statistics ) which shows that tourist arrivals to Batam City in 2012 amounted to 1,219 million people and foreign tourists targeted in 2013 amounted to 1,250 million people. As well as the government's claim that the visit of domestic society to Batam more than 5 million people by 2013 is a huge market for the tourism industry in Batam.

Golden City Batam, One Stop Tourism Place in Bengkong, Batam

One famous tourism spot in Batam is Golden City. Golden City Batam is a complex which has some tourist attractions located in one place....

Golden Factory Outlet Batam

Shopping is a word which is always associated with holiday or vacation. Planned or not, every vacation we will definitely buy something. Either it’s a souvenir, traditional gift or usual shopping goods. Because something different is what makes us attracted to shop or buy something. Golden Factory Outlet is one of the recommended places for shopping in Batam. Located in the tourist area of Golden City, Bengkong , this outlet is always crowded by visitors, especially tourists, both local and foreign. Because, Golden City always been as a tourist destination by the travel agents, especially for foreign tourists batam tour package.

Batam Layer Cake

Travelling is certainly not complete without buying a souvenir or gift for beloved family or relatives. In Batam many typical souvenirs are scattered in various places of the city and tourist destination area. Souvenir or gift is not always an item or object, typical food also can be a very good souvenir since it usually only can be found in that area.

Layers Cake Batam

'Layers Batam' layer cake is proudly made from carefully selected finest local and imported ingredients solely to satisfy your taste buds. Our 'Lamoist'layer Cake is different from layer cakes from other part of Indonesia which usually has a hint of 'spekoek spice'. It is unique, with pure Australian butter as the main ingredient to form the rich moist layers, baked layer by layer to perfection, the LAMOIST way.

Polo Ralph Lauren Outlet

Many fashion store and outlet here in Batam. One of infamous factory outlet in Batam is Polo Ralph Lauren outlet. Most of tour packages here in Batam always include this outlet into their packages. In this outlet, the price of a Polo Ralph Lauren clothes is about 1/3 to 2/5 of those in Singapore. The price here is about 60-80 SGD for a piece of shirt which is still relatively cheaper as compared to the prices in Singapore.
1st Factory Outlet Shopping Clothing in Batam

1st Factory Outlet

Many people who visit Batam has main purpose for shopping, because Batam is popular for shopping paradise for travelers. Batam is a shopping paradise because it has good assortment of products like fashion, electronics, perfumes, etc. And all of it at a cheap prices! Moreover, the location of Batam is very strategic, located between several countries such as Singapore and Malaysia, many tourists from overseas or domestic layover to Batam.

Nayadam, Special Gift From Melayu Batam

(Bahasa Indonesia) Pada awal berdirinya bernama PUSAT OLEH-OLEH, JAJANAN PASAR BATAM. Usaha ini adalah industri rumah tangga atau home industri yang sebenarnya sudah dijalanin istri saya pada setiap menjelang Hari Raya Idul Fitri tiba, yaitu Kue Bilis untuk persiapan lebaran. Pada awal 2008, saya beserta istri memikirkan makanan khas Melayu Batam apa yang dapat dijadikan oleh-oleh Khas Melayu dari kota Batam.

Kek Pisang Villa

"VILLA" is a name taken by the place where the first location of the business is established at Villa Muka Kuning Batam. At the beginning of the official establishment, on February 20 2007, Villa cottage industry is very simple. Until then developed into the only retail company that working on "special gift from Batam".

Batam International Hijab Festival 2014

Batam International Hijab Festival is a grand title in the fashion industry and the Muslim hijab. According to Denny, SimpleProject Production Operations Manager, International Hijab festival is held in Batam as its concrete actions to support the government of Batam in increasing foreign and domestic tourist arrivals to Batam. Besides, he wanted to contribute to the Batam government to make Batam city as a activity center of creative industry in Indonesia .