Storage tank in Pulau Sambu Batam

Explore the Refinery Island at Pulau Sambu Batam

Marine tourism is major tourism of Batam. Batam which is an island, were surrounded by many islands around it. Some island may untouched, and waiting...
Coral Reef of Abang Island Underwater

4 Recommended Diving Snorkeling Spots in Batam

Diving Snorkeling Spots in Batam - Batam, a city, and an islands in the west of Indonesia, which is located in Riau Islands and...
Coral Reef of Abang Island Underwater

Underwater Tour Snorkeling and Diving in Abang Island, Batam

What are interesting things from Batam? Most people are familiar with Batam as and industrial city with has many industrial park build in early...
under water in Labun Island

Enjoy Batam Adventure Tour! Snorkeling in Labun Island, Batam

Batam is rich in marine resources. Hundreds of small islands which most of them are inhabitants, untouched and still in original condition. Leave its...

Golden City Batam, One Stop Tourism Place in Bengkong, Batam

One famous tourism spot in Batam is Golden City. Golden City Batam is a complex which has some tourist attractions located in one place....
Golden City Gokart Batam

Golden City Gokart Batam, Challenging Sport Game

Golden City Gokart is one of two go-kart places in Batam. The other one is on Marina Waterfront. Batam as a tourism city has...
Open Trip Snorkeling and Scuba Diving in Abang Island, Batam

[Open Trip] Snorkeling and Scuba Diving in Abang Island, Batam

Batam is popoular as an industrial area and a shopping paradise of electronic items at low prices . Though most of the entire region of Batam island is a sea, Batam Island consists of exactly 75% of the ocean , while its land is only 25 % of the total area. That means Batam has a great potential in marine particular in nautical tourism . Therefore Enjoy Tour and Travel make an adventure tourism products namely Snorkeling and Diving .
Wisata Golf di Batam

Sport Tourism Golf in Batam

One of the best tourism in Batam is Golf. There are about 7 of the best golf courses are located in several places in Batam. Everything is made to international standards and have the best facilities for sports as well as day trips. Hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues are very close to some of these golf courses.

Camping in Abang Kecil Island Batam

Abang Island is a very beautiful island with a very soft white sand, the sea is very clear to the coral reefs still visible...
Pulau Abang Beach

Abang Island the Wonderful Spot for Diving and Snorkeling

Photo Gallery Abang Island is a small island located in the southern city of Batam, Riau Islands province. The island, measuring approximately 2000 x 5000...

Batam Event, Festival Pasar Rame #2 “Tropical Summer”

Batam Event, Festival Pasar Rame #2. Why #2? Because this is this event is the second times held in Batam. First festival was in...

First Choice Spa Batam