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Hutan Bakau piayu laut

Enjoying the Scenery Forest Beach in Piayu Laut Batam

Batam Island as islands consists of hundreds of islands around it. Not surprisingly, Batam has a very rich marine wealth, including sea scenery is...
Setokok beach

Stretch of White Sand in Setokok Beach

Photo Gallery It was still morning when @EnjoyBatam arrived at the Setokok Beach. The sea is still receding, we are treated to views of white...
Sunset at marina beach batam

Enjoy Sunset in Marina Beach Waterfront City Batam

You can enjoy a wonderful panorama when it came in the early evening before sunset. Red sky color combined with the beam of sunlight reflected off the golden crystal clear sea water.
Pantai Melayu Barelang

Melayu Beach Tourism Destination in Barelang

One of tourism beach which is quite famous in Batam is Melayu Beach. But there are two beaches in Batam tour called Melayu Beach, first is Melayu Beach in located in Nongsa and another one is Melayu Beach located in Rempang island (in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčtrans Barelang). For this to be written in this article is located in Melayu Beach Barelang.
Nongsa Point Marina Beach

Nongsa Point Marina Beach, Stretch of White Sand in North Batam

Nongsa Point Marina Beach located on one of most famous Batam resort, Nongsa Point Marina. It's on the Northern side of Batam, Nongsa, where...
Pantai Tanjung Pinggir Batam

Spot Photography at Tanjung Pinggir Beach

One of the beaches that could be one alternative to travel in Batam is Tanjung Pinggir Beach. Tanjung Pinggir Beach is located in the...

Imlek Celebration in Batam

In February, Batam roads were enlivened by banners and lanterns dominant with red and gold color. Not only that, the complexes, offices, malls and other ornaments were colored and decorated the same. This indicates that the Chinese New Year has arrived. It always glorious each year with the presence of the Chinese New Year typical decoration such as lanterns, which can be found around the corners of Batam city.

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