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Hutan Mata Kucing Batam

Mata Kucing Batam Forest , Nature Batam Tourism in the City

Mata Kucing Batam, in English, it would be translate to "Cat's Eye". Hearing its name is certainly a bit strange, why are named Cat's...
Tempat -Wisata-Batam-Pulau-Putri-Nongsa

Tourism Places Batam Putri Island Nongsa

Putri Island is the outer islands of the Republic of Indonesia, which borders Singapore. On the island there are a monument. At the monument was sculpted state emblem of Garuda Pancasila and the unitary Republic of Indonesia complete with point coordinates North latitude and longitude. In addition to the monument, in the Putri Island also there is lighthouse tower powered by solar as a guide for ships sailing in the Singapore Strait to avoid hitting the reef.
Batam Nightlife Nightclub in Batam

Batam Nightlife and Entertainment in Nagoya and Waterfront City

Batam Nightlife Around Nagoya Nagoya is the main city of Batam as a business center as well as an entertainment center. The majority of pubs, bars and nightclubs located in Nagoya. And lies between the pubs and bars to the other can be reached only on foot, because it is adjacent, even to each other.
Pantai Nongsa Batam

Old Village and Beach Tourism, Pantai Nongsa Batam

Nongsa is an area in the northern island of Batam. Compared to other areas in Batam Island, Nongsa is relatively not too massive touched...

Golden City Batam, One Stop Tourism Place in Bengkong, Batam

One famous tourism spot in Batam is Golden City. Golden City Batam is a complex which has some tourist attractions located in one place....
Batam Nightlife - Nagoya Entertainment District

Nagoya Entertainment District (2016 Update!!)

I can say that, Nagoya is the heart of Batam Island, the center of this city. This district is located on the northern side...

Enjoy the Night at Harbour Bay

Entertainment, is a word which synchronizing with Batam. This city, well-known as the industrial city in Indonesia, is also famous for its entertainment and tourism city, where almost in every corner of the city there are places of entertainment and recreation, such as KTV, pubs, bars, discotheques, night clubs, billiard and so on. One area that is famous for entertainment and become its own tourist destination for most tourists and residents of Batam is Nagoya.

Family Karaoke at Inul Vizta Family Karaoke Batam

After tired day of work, You definitely need a comfortable place to refresh your mind. Inul Vizta Family Karaoke is probably the right...

Blitz Megaplex – The New Cinema Entertainment in Batam

Movie is one of the exciting entertainment and popular among people, especially among the younger’s. Various genres of movies now widely circulated and have fans respectively. Including Indonesian movies, which is now getting better quality, the stories were developed, not only tells about the romance or horror movie which I think it have no horror elements at all. Even now, the Indonesian movie began to penetrate the international market, such as “The Raid” that successfully received various awards at national and international.
Pintu gerbang camp vietnam

Camp Vietnam Batam, History Tourism of Vietnam Refugee in Galang Island

Camp Vietnam Batam is one of the historical attractions in Batam. This place certainly is not a new name for Batam citizen and among the...

Buddhist Temple Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya Batam

Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya where located in Sei Panas, Batam is the biggest temple in Southeast Asia. With a land area of ​​4.5 hectares, Vihara Duta Maitreya was built in 1991. As the name implies, this temple has a very strong religious value which matches with the message of Buddha Maitreya, which is message of universal love.