Seafood restaurant in batam

Kelong Restaurant Jembatan 2 Barelang the Best Seafood in Batam

One of Batam seafood restaurant located in Barelang namely Restoran Kelong Jembatan 2 Barelang. This seafood restaurant is one of the best seafood restaurants in Batam. The location is located after the second bridge when we come from the Batam city. After crossing the bridge 2 Barelang on the right path there is a driveway to the right with a signpost Restoran Kelong Jembatan 2 Barelang. The driveway is not entirely on asphalt, approximately 300 meters from the main road we will find this seafood restaurant.

De Sampan Seafood & BBQ, Nice Batam Seafood in Town

Talk about Batam is certainly not far from seafood, because Batam is an island and surrounded by the ocean. Therefore, the marine resources like fish, were abundant. Lots of Batam restaurants are serving seafood as the main menu, either it kelong or restaurants.
Seafood Piayu Laut

Culinary Tour at Lover Seafood Restaurant Piayu Laut Batam

To enjoy the culinary seafood in Piayu Laut other than in the Pak RW kelong which ever posted by a previous there are...
Kepiting Asam Pedas Seafood Piayu Laut

Seafood Piayu Laut in Batam, Enjoying Fresh and Cheap Seafood Culinary!

Seafood Piayu Laut is more and more famous in seafood lover and hunter in Batam nowadays, including us! That afternoon, sun was so oppressive...
Harbour Bay Seafood Batam

Wey Wey Seafood Restaurant at Harbour Bay Batam

One of the seafood paradise in Batam is Wey Wey Seafood Restaurant located in Harbour Bay, Jodoh, Batu Ampar. Seafood restaurant in Batam usually...
Restaurant & Seafood Golden Prawn Batam

Seafood Culinary at Golden Prawn Batam

Golden Prawn Batam is a very popular seafood restaurant in Batam. This restaurant is popular among the tourist, both international or local tourist. Golden...
D Cost Seafood at Mega Mall Batam Center

D’Cost, The New Modern Seafood Restaurant

Batam is popular in is seafood, cause Batam is an archipelago surrounding by seas. Many restaurant at Batam serve seafood as their primary menu. Some of them called "Kelong Restaurant" which is the traditional restaurant you can found mostly at near of the sea.

Eat Places Plaza Batamindo Foodcourt

One of the places you can go to eat, especially when you visit the Batamindo Industrial Park is Plaza Batamindo Food court. This eatplaces is located on the 4th floor of Plaza Batamindo.

Shopping Tourism at Mall Top 100 Batuaji Batam

One more shopping places in Batam that can be used as an alternative to shopping. That is Mall Top 100 Batuaji, it is one of the new mall in Batam. This mall is located in the Batuaji area, precisely at Tembesi region. This mall is located on the edge of the highway that connects Mukakuning and Batuaji or Tanjung Uncang.