Coffee Town Kaya Toast Panbil Mall Batam

Hangout at Coffee Town Kaya Toast Panbil Mall Batam

Batam is a convenient place for hangout. There are plenty of places for hangout, ranging from cafes in the mall to hotels and coffee...

Morning Bakery the Coffee Shop and Bakery

Coffee, for some people is a beverage that gives the spirit of their days, especially in the morning. On the largest Batam industrial park, there is a favorite place for workers to start their morning before work

Eat Places Plaza Batamindo Foodcourt

One of the places you can go to eat, especially when you visit the Batamindo Industrial Park is Plaza Batamindo Food court. This eatplaces is located on the 4th floor of Plaza Batamindo.

Goulash Kikil at Salero Basamo

This time @EnjoyBatam will update culinary tourism in Batam . We update culinary of Padang cuisine . In Batam is very easy to find Padang restaurants, starting at roadside, residential complexes, markets, and business center . Batam is a haven of Padang dishes are worth a try by tourists . Many restaurants Padang offer a very tasty dish in Batam.