The Pier Batam

The Pier Batam Cafe, Grill and Barbeque Culinary Experience

The Pier Batam Cafe and Grill, is set on the Harbour reflection of the Grill and Barbeque culinary legacy with the breath taking views...
Wisata Kuliner Batam RM Anging Mammiri

Batam Culinary Tour in Anging Mammiri Restaurant

Batam culinary is one of the main goals of people traveled in Batam. Culinary tour in Batam become a mainstay in the city of Batam. Batam is famous for its culinary seafood, but there are actually many culinary variations that you can enjoy in Batam.
Soto Mie Bogor Penuin, Batam

Soto Mie Bogor Penuin Batam

Kali ini @EnjoyBatam menghadirkan kuliner Soto Mie Bogor. Kuliner yang diklaim berasal dari Bogor ini merupakan menu sederhana tetapi rasanya sungguh luar biasa. Soto Mie Bogor ini memiliki merk Soto Mie Bogor PENUIN, lokasinya di pusat bisnis dan pertokoan baru di kawasan elit Sukajadi, yaitu Dermaga Kuliner Blok R1 No 7, Batam.

Mr Pancake Batam, Restaurant for Pancake Lovers

Mr Pancake Batam is a franchise restaurant known for its wide variety dessert menu of pancakes. The restaurant is located in Nagoya City Walk,...
Simpang Rujak Batam

Culinary Tour in Simpang Rujak Batam

One more culinary tour is a lively rojak (salad). There is a location where we can enjoy a delicious salad in Batam is in...
Nagoya Hill Food Street

Nagoya Hill Food Street Batam, a Pleasure of Culinary

Nagoya hill food street, for those of you who already visit Batam and went shopping to Nagoya Hill Mall, certainly will see a block...

Number 61, One of Infamous Clothing Store

Batam is famous with it fashion. It's shopping paradise for tourist, both local and international, especially in fashion. On every tourism spot at Batam, You will find the fashion store, such as the accessories or clothing company, some store called Distro which is focus to youth fashion with up to date design.

Layers Cake Batam