5 Recommended Cafe to Hangout for Coffee Lover

Cafe has been one of life style in Batam nowadays. Many new cafes now open with various genre and concept. But, what I personally...

Batam Tourist Attractions in Nongsa Area which Mandatory Visited

Nongsa is one of the districts in Batam city which designation is for beaches, old villages, resorts and golf course. Nongsa is very suitable to be developed as a tourist resort beach because it has beaches quite beautiful with white sand. There are around tens resort hotels in Nongsa.
Kebun Raya Batam

Batam Botanical Garden

In the coming few years Batam will have a Batam Botanical Garden. This botanical garden is a collaboration between the Government of Batam with...

Camping in Abang Kecil Island Batam

Abang Island is a very beautiful island with a very soft white sand, the sea is very clear to the coral reefs still visible...
Promo JCO November

3 Hari Pesta! Promo JCO November 2016 Berlaku di Seluruh Indonesia

Siapa sih yang ngga suka donat? Kue lembut berbentuk bundar dengan lubang di tengahnya ini begitu menggoda untuk dinikmati. Apalagi sekarang variasi donat dengan...
Coffee Town Kaya Toast Panbil Mall Batam

Batam City of Thousand Coffee Shop

Batam is now known as the city of a thousand coffee shops. Very easy to find coffee shops in Batam. Design coffee shops in...

Sakura Flowers in Batamindo Industrial Park

Batamindo Industrial Park is one of the largest industrial area in Batam. This environmental of industrial park is beautiful and lush with huge trees...
Welcome to Batam

8 Keunikan Batam yang Perlu Diketahui

Batam sebagai destinasi wisata tentu mempunyai keunikan sendiri yang menarik untuk diketahui. Keunikan-keunikan tersebut menjadikan Batam lebih menonjol dan lain daripada yang lain. Saya...
Wahana Permainan Ice Skating di Kepri Mall Batam

Ice Skating Ground at Kepri Mall Batam

Since December 15, 2012  there is a new game rides Ice Skating in Kepri Mall Batam is located right at the entrance floor of the...
kota batam

Batam is MICE City in Indonesia

Batam as a city that is geographically very strategic because it supported his position very close to Singapore as a center for business and...

De Sampan Seafood & BBQ, Nice Batam Seafood in Town

Talk about Batam is certainly not far from seafood, because Batam is an island and surrounded by the ocean. Therefore, the marine resources like fish, were abundant. Lots of Batam restaurants are serving seafood as the main menu, either it kelong or restaurants.