Movie is one of the exciting entertainment and popular among people, especially among the younger’s. Various genres of movies now widely circulated and have fans respectively. Including Indonesian movies, which is now getting better quality, the stories were developed, not only tells about the romance or horror movie which I think it have no horror elements at all. Even now, the Indonesian movie began to penetrate the international market, such as “The Raid” that successfully received various awards at national and international.

In Batam, according to my observations and experiences, the theaters were never deserted from movie lovers, even in a week days. In Batam now there are 4 active theaters scattered throughout the city. Among them is the Cinema 21 Nagoya Hill, Cinema 21 BCS Mall, Cinema XXI Mega Mall Batam Center, three of them were a group of 21 Cineplex. And the last and most recently theatre is Blitz Megaplex, located on the 3rd floor of Kepri Mall, Batam.

Blitz Megaplex theatre is one of a series of the youngest Blitz theatre in Indonesia, which is spread across several major cities in Indonesia. With the presence of Blitz, bring more colorful entertainment movies in Batam, as Blitz offers something different from the other cinemas. Once entering Blitz theatre, you will see red as the dominant color fills the room. Directly visible in front sections there are queue tickets and snack station just like a cinema theatre in general.

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Blitz is different from the other theatre because it has online ticketing system and a snack that can be ordered directly through the website by using BlitzCard at With this online system, now movie lovers even easier to orders the tickets and snacks. We can easily see the movies schedule, direct purchase or booking tickets and even choose our own seats. No need to come directly and queue to get a ticket, or worry about running out of tickets because we already make booking in advance. So, we only come to Blitz taking the ticket and snack at the space provided for the BlitzCard member then enjoy the movie.

In addition to convenience, the atmospheres in the theater also give a different impression. Clad in red and black, which looks spacious theater room, seats are arranged with more ramps and have a wide line spacing to provide comfort for customers. However, what I felt at the time I watch movie there is the smell of a new chair which is smell pretty pungent, but it may be because the used of new furniture, so I can still be comfortable with the situation. The view to the screen is also not bothered by the people in front as the distances between rows of seats are quite wide. The screen is also relatively large and has comfortable viewing with image quality is also good. For the sound I think is not good compared to the other theater. But of course it is relative among people. But overall, Blitz is an engrossing cinema entertainment in Batam.

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Blitz Megaplex Batam Location Map


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