Batam Nightlife and Entertainment in Nagoya and Waterfront City

One of the main attraction in Batam is its nightlife. This is due to many and so varied pubs, bars and nightclubs. And this place is visited by many expats, tourists and locals is causing pubs, bars and nightclubs is still alive and busy all night.

Nagoya is the center of nightlife in Batam, because in this business center there are many pubs and bars as well as most of the hotels in Batam is located in Nagoya. So for those of you who love the night life then Batam is a great place to enjoy the beats and glitter of bars, pubs and nightclubs.

Nightlife center in Batam there are two areas:
– In the city of Nagoya
– On the Waterfront City Marina

Batam Nightlife Around Nagoya

Nagoya is the main city of Batam as a business center as well as an entertainment center. The majority of pubs, bars and nightclubs located in Nagoya. And lies between the pubs and bars to the other can be reached only on foot, because it is adjacent, even to each other.

Besides hotels in Nagoya also has a pub or bar itself, so if you stay at the hotel did not have far to go to the pub or bar.

Pubs and Bars in Nagoya

Area around Harmoni Hotel, Panorama Regency Hotel, and Goodway Hotel is known as the area of Nagoya Entertainment District, or often called the NED.

Along the way there are plenty of pubs, bars and nightclubs such as:
1. Lucy’s Oarhouse which is the most popular pub in Batam which also serves meals and snacks.
2. Go Go Bar

3. PP Banana which is open from 2 pm only on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.
4. Rio Rita, located just opposite Lucy’s Oarhouse.
5. Jungle Bar,
on the right side of Lucy’s Oarhouse which is the oldest bar in Batam.
6. Classics, located next to the Jungle Bar.
7. Red Cock Inn,
located just opposite Classics which offers a menu of Europe and Asian.
8. Ice Pub, located next to Classics, which is also one of the oldest pubs in Batam.
9. Step Music Lounge
10. Hard Chilli Cafe
11. George’s Bar
12. Last Pub
13. Bistro
14. Red Rose
15. Beyond Bars

If you just want to enjoy a night at the bar or pub in the hotel where you stay, the list below can be a reference:
1. Tampico
is a Mexican themed bar at the Novotel Hotel
2. Tavern is located in Panorama Regency Hotel
3. Planet Holiday Hotel with a bar on the rooftop exactly on the 21st floor.
4. Wine Bar
in Goodway Hotel.

If you like live music or clubbing then Nagoya offers many options Nightclubs Live Music, among others:
1. No Name bar at Harmoni Hotel
2. Sphinx and Ozone Nightclubs
is very popular among local residents of Batam.
3. Pacific Disco at the Pacific Hotel.
4. The Summit
at Planet Holiday Hotel.

In addition, in Nagoya are also many karaoke bars (KTV) by offering songs from Asia, China, Japan, Korea and western songs. KTV popular in Batam is Memory KTV and Hawaii KTV.

Pubs and Bars in Waterfront City Marina

Although not as much as in Nagoya, but the pubs and bars in Waterfront City is very close to Waterfront City Ferry Terminal, is only about 100 meters away so easy access from Singapore.

Characteristic bar at Waterfront City is becoming one with restaurant and bar. The advantages of the area Waterfront City is there are many places for sports activities such as Cable Ski, go kart racing, water skiing, banana boating, bowling at Harris Resort Hotel.

Pub and Bar at Waterfront City

1. The Queen’s Restaurant & Cafe, this is a restaurant and bar that is most popular in the Waterfront City area much visited by expatriates who are working in the area of Tanjung Uncang.
2. Danny’s II Bar
is located next to Queen’s Restaurant & Cafe, a bar offering beer and wine selection is open from 5 pm until dawn.
3. The Monkey Bar is a bar that is located on the beach exactly behind Harris Resort Hotel.

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