BAJAFASH 2018 – Representing Diversity in South-East Asia

Bajafash is a jazz music festival that is collaborated with fashion show and held for the fourth time in this 2018. Bajafash 2018 aims to make the audience feel the incredible Bajafash atmosphere packed in a classy yet simple, well-designed, intelligent and educative event.

A different treat from the previous year

Held in the dynamic city of Batam with a very strategic geographical location, Bajafash 2018 is one form of efforts to unify the diversity of countries in Southeast Asia through music and fashion.

The theme of this year is “Representing Diversity South-East Asia“.

Music and fashion are promising industry commodities and have the potential to become much larger.

For that, Bajafash again held as dedication pure offerings of the nation’s children from Batam Island, Riau Islands Province.

Bajafash 2018 provides treats with different characters from previous years, such as the Bajafash 2017 and held at the Radisson Golf and Convention Center. Bajafash 2018 will feature famous jazz musicians and fashion designers from various countries.

Bajafash will make an entertaining and educate show. Bajafash 2018 will create a Music Camp for visitors who are interested to learn to use musical instruments and or want to explore the instrument with the target of music camp participants from the homeland and abroad that will be coached by musicians who already have a name in Asia.

In addition it also comes with an open dialogue that presents a resource from experts in the hope of Batam City to become one of the “Fashion Hub” in Indonesia and even in Southeast Asia and more complete with the Music Camp that presents guest stars of powerful musicians in the form of master class who will share knowledge and experience about playing various musical instruments.

The music camp will be closed with jamming session and followed by some performers from Malayian and Indonesian musicians. Of course will be in the fashion show of several designers in each performer musicians.

Bajafash 2018, where is it going to be?

The event was held in two different locations with each theme being lifted is “Bajafash By The Sea” which will be held on Saturday, March 17, 2018 at Batam View Beach Resort and next theme is “Bajafash In Town” that will be held on Friday and Saturday, 6-7 April 2018 at the Radisson Golf & Convention Center.

Bajafash 2018 by the Sea

Bajafash 2018 by the Sea

Bajafash 2018 is expected to increase the visits of both domestic and foreign tourists to support the improvement of creative economy in the city of Batam so that increasingly taken into account at the national and international level as an area located on the border region of Indonesia.

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