On 2 and 3 February 2013, fans of automodified cars and people in the Riau Islands, especially Batam, offered a car and motorcycle modification exhibition which entitled Batam City Automodified 2013 which was attended by participants from Batam, Tanjungpinang, Tanjungbalai Karimun, and other areas of Riau Islands. The event was held in Nagoya City Walk, Nagoya, Batam starting from 13.00 to 22.00 pm.

During the exhibition, public was free to visit the show for free because it was held in the Nagoya City Walk dome. The visitors will see the creativity of the modifier in modifying their cars and motorcycles. In addition, there are also other entertainments such as live music, dance, games, or other exciting entertainment.

The participants will showcase a variety of modifications according to its category. Some kinds of modifications that displayed are:

Motorcycle Category

* Funky Bike (Duck / Sport / Matic)

* Airbrush Realist / Graphics / Cartoons (Duck / Sport / Matic)

* Extreme (Duck / Sport / Matic / Scooter)

* Retro / Classic (Duck / Sport / Matic / Scooter)

* Sport Modif (Duck / Sport / Matic)

* Beginners (Duck / Sport / Matic)

* Matic Modif (Matic)

Cars Category

* The Best Body Conversion

* The Best Racing Look / JDM

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* The Best Elegant Look

* Killer Colour

* The Best Gigantic Wheels

* Hellaflush

* The Best Audio Design

* The Best Custom Body Kit

* Too Damn Low

* The Best Interior Design

* The Turbonetic

* The Best Jeep

* The Best Sedan

* The Best City Car

* The Best Hatchback

* The Best VIP

* The Hottest European Modified Cars

* The Hottest Asian Cars Modified

* The Hottest Car Club

* The Best People Choice

* The Best Clas Mild Class

Audio Category

* SQ: Budget 15 million / Budget 30 million / FFA

* SQL: Budget 15 million / Budget 30 million / FFA

* SPL: 2 Subwoofer / 4 Subwoofer

The jury’s were come from tabloid Ototrend Jakarta for the modification contest and audio contest by EMMA from Singapore.

Some of the unique cars that I saw yesterday and became my main attraction for me is the presence of a police car and public transport car known as “angkutan umum”. The police car is different from most police cars here in Batam. This car have elegant look and ultimately won the category of The Best Elegant Look. While the public transport car does very well look, unique, and have good modifications for everyday routine as public transport.

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