Air Masin Seafood Restaurant Batam, Malay Typical Recipe

AtĀ first, I am sure you are interested in the background of this restaurant, which is 1st Bridge Barelang with strands of the ropes are triangular magnificent looming not far from this restaurant. Because, as we are already know, this bridge is the famous icon of Batam.

Shift the view slightly to the left you can enjoy 2nd bridge Barelang that is usually many anglers on it. This is the privilege of Air Masin Seafood Restaurant which has beautiful scenery with 2 backgrounds of Barelang bridges as well.

Do not forget, you go to to this restaurant in addition to enjoying the scenery of Barelang bridge, also to enjoy the delights of seafood Batam which is very famous. Menus of the Air Masin Seafood Restaurant has a typical village cook.

This means that, Air Masin Seafood Restaurant processed seafood menu with recipes handed down a legacy of the Malay village. The Malays have a plethora of cultural life on the beach as fishermen, therefore they have processed seafood cuisine with typical Malay recipe. Malay typical recipe is used as a mainstay menu in Air Masin Seafood Restaurant.

Air Masin Seafood Menu

The mainstay menu of this restaurant include Spicy Crab Stew Acid typical og Kampong Melayu, Cooking Black Squid, Fish Cooking Senggang, Butter Prawns, Scallops Cook Ketchup. The seafood menu will surely shake your tongue because of deliciousness.

Air Masin Seafood

In addition there are many other menu listed on the menu, such as Fish Fried Seasoning, Fish Cook Soy Sauce, Crab Cooking Sauce, Crab Cooking Fats, Fried Shrimp Flour, Fried Squid Flour, Steamboat, and never miss a typical seafood of Batam is Gonggong.

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