Adventure Ranoh Island, Newly Opened Beach Attraction in Batam

Have you heard of Ranoh beach? For those who ever snorkel to Abang Island, for sure, you already have been stopped by in this island. Formerly, Ranoh beach is an uninhabited island and the beach is very natural. But now, after several months of being closed to the public, Ranoh island and the beach is now reopened and rebranding as Adventure Ranoh Island.

Where is this Ranoh Beach located?

Ranoh Beach, or Ranoh Island is located around the nearby Abang island, on the outer side of Batam Island.

This small island is located right between the island of Abang Besar and Abang Kecil Island, flanked between those two islands.

The island is now under the management of Adventure Ranoh Island and to go here, it is around 75 minutes’ drive from Batam.

There will be land and sea travel. It can be reached using private vehicle or by public vehicle named “KANDAP”. This Kandap route is starting from SP Plaza Batuaji, ends at PT Pari Jetty, 6th Barelang Bridge. For you who is not familiar with Batam transportation mode, it is highly recommended to pick private transportation or join the trip organizer.

Travel overland will take a maximum of 60 minutes. Furthermore, the journey continues with a speedboat of approximately 15 minutes from the port.

As this article was written, the port of Adventure Ranoh Island is still under construction, so the port used to cross to Ranoh island uses the port of Labun Island Resort.

Adventure Ranoh Island Facilities

Along with the development of Ranoh beach and the island, the facilities now more complete and a lot of watersport game offered by Adventure Ranoh Island. What are the facilities and games? Let’s take a peek!

Facilities and available games are archery, chess, chinese chess, darts, mahjong, frisbees, beach volleyball, beach football, hammocks, beach chairs and umbrellas, and bean bags. In addition, there are standard facilities such as restaurants, toilets and showers.

For water sports activities, Adventure Ranoh Island offers single canoe, double canoe, inflatable island, snorkeling, trendy floating, and water park. All these facilities and games are provided free of charge within the Adventure Ranoh Island package.

Fasilitas di Adventure Ranoh Island

Package details

Enjoy Batam, together with Galang Bahari provide a one-day Adventure Ranoh Island package, visit Ranoh island with all its beauty. Packages that we offer cover everything, so that guests simply bring personal equipment only. Package details can be seen in below.

Any further questions? Contact us for more information.

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