Wisata Sejarah Ex-Camp Pengungsi Vietnam di P. Galang Batam


Camp Vietnam, certainly not a strange name for Batam citizen. Camp Vietnam is one of the historical attractions in Batam, located precisely in Galang Island. It has a lot of tourists who come to this location to find out the history of Camp Vietnam. Thanks to very wide information access (read: internet).

The history of our country have noted that Indonesia had contributed greatly for Vietnam as the country’s colonial period and most of the residents went sailing across the sea to find a safe and free of war. And the island is a stopover girder that is right for the citizens of Vietnam who seek tranquility war at that time.

To reach the camp Vietnam takes approximately 2 hours from Batam Center to the bridge 1 to 5, unfortunately there are no public transports to reach there. So, the tourists which will visit this camp Vietnam were advisable to rent a car or motorbike or going along with tour agency. Along the way there are much to see, like Dragon Fruit plantations owned by local people. Unfortunately, when the author visited the farm, the dragon fruit harvest haven’t started yet.

Update the last time the author comes at the beginning of November 2012, visitors who will enter camp Vietnam were charged Rp.5000 (two men + one motorcycle).

At this location there are a few relics of the Vietnamese community when it fled to the island’s shore as boats used for sailing, cooking utensils, handicrafts, old churches, temples, tombs and various photo memories are stored in the museum Vietnam camp and many more.

Not only that, visitors entering the museum will be pampered with Vietnam typical song, in the museum, visitors will not only see some of the existing historical but visitors can also learn how the people of Vietnam at the time who were displaced to helping each other and create a village or a shelter of peace and peaceful in this place.

So, for those of you who like history tours are advised to make a wish list for a visit to Camp Vietnam is in Galang Island, Batam.

-Enjoy Batam-

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