Temenggung Abdul Jamal Sport Center

Temenggung Abdul Jamal Sport Center


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Batam has one largest all in one sport center, which is Temenggung Abdul Jamal sport center. Located on Muka Kuning, Batam, 30 minutes from Hang Nadim Airport and 10 minutes from Batam Center, this large sport center has a lot of sport arena. Build on 2000, there are football stadium, volleyball & basketball court, indoor badminton court, sport hall, jogging track, marathon track, and others. The name “Temenggung Abdul Jamal” was taken from the name of one chief (Temenggung in Melayu) of the Melayu Riau-Lingga-Johor Kingdom.

Batam people usually use this sport center on their mean time. There are often seen sport activities such as badminton and jogging almost every day. In this sport center owned by Otorita Batam (Batam Authority), Batam people are free to use the sport facilities, at certain times.

In addition to the sports facilities and activities, Temenggung Abdul Jamal also often used as a place for  certain events, such as music concerts, religious events, campaigns, and even some racing events by utilizing parking area into a semi-permanent racetrack. There are recorded several major events such as music concerts and racing ever held here which involving thousands Batam people. Well known band like Sheila on 7, Peterpan (now Noah), Dewa, D Masiv and Serious had a concert here. In 2008, one of the biggest music events in Indonesia, A Mild Live Soundrenaline, held in the parking lot are also involving so many big bands and artists in Indonesia and several bands from Singapore and Malaysia. As for the motor racing event, like Drag Race and Road Race regional and national levels has also been held here.

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