Nusantara Culinary Tour in Batam

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Batam is popular with seafood. But there are many more culinary tours that you can enjoy in Batam except of seafood. There are many traditional foods from different regions in Indonesia can be found in Batam. The traditional dishes from the regions in Indonesia which can be found in Batam, such as, various kinds of soup, grilled chicken (ayam bakar), black pepper chicken (ayam lada hitam), mushroom soup, meatballs (bakso), sayur lodeh, sayur asam, Pepes, penyet chicken (ayam penyet), and of course the Padang food.

Those culinary varieties are of course cooked with typical recipes from each region in Indonesia. This Nusantara (archipelago) cuisine can be your reference for a culinary tour in Batam. You can enjoy a variety of Nusantara foods in many places like Pujasera (food courts) Nagoya, Pujasera Harbour Bay Batuampar, Resto Kediri Batam Center, Pujasera Mukakuning, Pujasera Seraya, Pujasera Mitra  Mall Batuaji, Pujasera Golden Land Batam Center and many more. Those Nusantara Foods are also available in every food court in malls in Batam.

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