Nagoya Citywalk for Shopping and Culinary Tour in Batam

In the city of Batam has been present business district with the citywalk concept , namely Nagoya Citywalk. Nagoya Citywalk combines the concept of shopping, entertainment, eater-tainment, with the harmonization of indoor and outdoor activities, this is due to Nagoya Citywalk equipped with a green garden between the outlets of national and international class which combines innovative and creative design between man, nature, architecture, tourism shopping and culinary.

Nagoya Citywalk is a plaza that presents the concept of shopping and dining located in the business center of the city of Batam Nagoya. Nagoya Citywalk  area is an area that has been established as a center for shopping and culinary tourism as well as leading business activities in Batam. With the concept of the existence Nagoya Citywalk position as the life, work and play. Especially for tourists visiting Batam can make this area as a tourist destination especially for shopping and culinary tour.

Nagoya Citywalk filled by tenants which are national to international class, their categories of fashion, entertainment, beauty, culinary and the gym. Among the tenants is Wacoal, Executive, Posh Boy, Rice Bowl, Mr. Baso, Optik Melawai, Fun World and many more.

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