Modern & Etnic Muslim Fashion in Dian Pelangi Boutique Batam

Dian Pelangi Batam

Gallery collection of young designer boutiques Indonesia Dian Pelangi is present in Batam, located in commercial complex Golden Nusantara Blok A No. 1 Batam Centre, a strategic location because it is not far from the International Ferry Port Batam Centre, just 3 minutes from Mega Mall Batam, and Batam City Government Offices.

Dian Pelangi is famous designer for its collection of modern Muslim fashion but still combinate with traditional Indonesian style so that it becomes an interesting blend of modern ethnic. Focus clothing is designed for women with four brand : Dian Pelangi, Dian Pelangi Bride, DP By Dian, and Dian Pelangi Kids. Dian Pelangi Boutique Batam also offers a variety of fashion to the general public like the design style to wear to the party nationally, to work or for leisure, because it presents a variety of simple fashion and elegant so it is suitable to be combined with style and any color.

Jumputan technique, combination of batik, tenun blongsong Palembang (Sumatra) and silk songket are design basically Indonesia traditional,. Blazers and cardigans look more etnic and modern fashion. The boutique also provides a batik shirt for men, mukena, Islamic books, hijabs, and clothing the children with unique design from Dian Pelangi Boutique Batam.

Surely this boutique can be one of the public reference shopping destination Batam and tourists from Singapore, Malaysia and other overseas. Because the collection of Dian Pelangi been exhibited in various countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, England, to the center of the fashion world, French. Happy Shopping!

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