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Gokart at Golden City Batam

Batam as a tourism city has several places of tourist destinations, such as beaches, shopping, resorts and so on. Among the several categories of travel, one traveler interest is sports tourism. In Batam, there are also some destinations that focus on sports tourism or outdoor activity.

In some spots in Batam city, there is one famous spot in town, Golden City complex in Bengkong, Batam. Next to the hotel Golden View, Golden City offers a fairly complete outdoor activity or sport. In the complex of the Golden City area, there are several sports arena, among them are the paint ball, flying fox, outdoor playground, go-karts and ATV arena. Continue reading

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving in Abang Island, Batam

Batam is popoular as an industrial area and a shopping paradise of electronic items at low prices . Though most of the entire region of Batam island is a sea, Batam Island consists of exactly 75% of the ocean , while its land is only 25 % of the total area. That means Batam has a great potential in marine particular in nautical tourism .

Therefore Enjoy Tour and Travel make an adventure tourism products namely Snorkeling and Diving . Continue reading

Bridge Tour de Barelang 2013 Batam

Batam city in 2013 again will be held a bicycle race called “Bridge Tour de Barelang 2013”. This activity is an annual event organized by the Government of Batam. For 2013 the Tour de Barelang will be held on May … Continue reading

Barelang Offroad & Motor Adventure 2013

On March 8 – 10th, 2013 in Batam offroad event held with theme Barelang Offroad & Motor Adventure 2013 organized by the Indonesian Offroad Federation (IOF) in collaboration with theBatam Pos Sport and Ikatan Motor Indonesia (IMI) Kepri. This championship was held at the non-permanent circuit of the 1st Bridge Barelang. In this event prepared a 7-point circuits in one area for a 7 Special Kopentensi Speed ​​(SCS). Participants are limited to only 40 professional offroader, 20 starters and 50 motorventure offroader. Continue reading

Singapore Strait Regatta 2013 Nongsa Point Marina Batam

Held late in January, the North East Monsoon winds produce some of the best sailing conditions in the region.

The Singapore Straits Regatta will include four days of racing and three nights of entertainment.

2013 is the 19th edition, and the event will incorporate one-design class racing as well as IRC racing (IRC A, IRC B, and IRC C) and cruising yachts racing under a Performance Handicap system. Continue reading

Temenggung Abdul Jamal Sport Center

Batam has one largest all in one sport center, which is Temenggung Abdul Jamal sport center. Located on Muka Kuning, Batam, 30 minutes from Hang Nadim Airport and 10 minutes from Batam Center, this large sport center has a lot of sport arena. Build on 2000, there are football stadium, volleyball & basketball court, indoor badminton court, sport hall, jogging track, marathon track, and others. The name “Temenggung Abdul Jamal” was taken from the name of one chief (Temenggung in Melayu) of the Melayu Riau-Lingga-Johor Kingdom. Continue reading

Culture Tourism Sea Eagle Boat Race at Belakang Padang Batam

Sea Eagle Boat Race is a cultural event held every year since 2003 in Belakang Padang, Batam. Sea Eagle Boat Race is the Malay culture in this island should be preserved. Batam Island as the Malay world in terms of … Continue reading

Sport Tourism Golf in Batam

One of the best tourism in Batam is Golf. There are about 7 of the best golf courses are located in several places in Batam. Everything is made to international standards and have the best facilities for sports as well as day trips. Hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues are very close to some of these golf courses. Continue reading

Olahraga Air Cable Ski Marina

The Batam territory mostly is sea. That’s why the mainstay of the tourist destination is associated with the waters, such as water sports. One of the water sports which are popular for foreign tourists is the cable ski. The popular location of cable ski in Batam is Cable Ski Marina. The location of cable ski sport is always crowded during week end. Continue reading


4 Recommended Diving Snorkeling Spots in Batam

Batam offer a lot of entertainment stuff, such as night life entertainment, until shopping paradise. But for now, there is one attractions who attract a lot of people to come to Batam. It’s the underwater adventure.

Batam has some diving spots which undiscovered before and now become famous among the tourist, both local and international. Now, may tour operator offers an adventure tour for diving and snorkeling to an island which serve you the beautiful and wonderful underwater view. Continue reading

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