Indonesia Night Carnival

Batam Event: Indonesia Night Carnaval

Batam event for this month is Indonesia Night Carnival. Which will be held in Turi Beach Resort, Saturday 12 Sept 2015.
Wonderful Indonesia Nongsa Regatta 2017

Batam Kembali Menjadi Tuan Rumah 2nd Wonderful Indonesia Nongsa Regatta 2017

Perairan Nongsa kembali diramaikan oleh  kapal layar yang berlaga dalam kegiatan 2nd Wonderful Indonesia Nongsa Regatta 2017. Kegiatan yang diselenggarakan oleh Nongsa Point Marina...
3rd Nongsa Carnival 2016

3rd Nongsa Carnival is Starting Today! This is the Nongsa Carnival Rundown

Yeah, per my previous post regarding the 3rd Nongsa Carnival with Wonderful Indonesia 2016, today is the first day of the carnival. We are...
Batam International Hijab Festival 2014

Batam International Hijab Festival 2014

Batam International Hijab Festival is a grand title in the fashion industry and the Muslim hijab. According to Denny, SimpleProject Production Operations Manager, International Hijab festival is held in Batam as its concrete actions to support the government of Batam in increasing foreign and domestic tourist arrivals to Batam. Besides, he wanted to contribute to the Batam government to make Batam city as a activity center of creative industry in Indonesia .
Tour de Barelang Batam

Bridge Tour de Barelang 2013 Batam

Batam city in 2013 again will be held a bicycle race called "Bridge Tour de Barelang 2013". This activity is an annual event organized...

Batam Jazz & Festival, Bajafash 2017 Memuaskan Pencinta Jazz di Batam

Bajafash 2017 atau Batam Jazz & fashion telah selesai digelar di Radisson Golf & Convention Center Batam pada tanggal 13 dan 14 Mei lalu....

Batam International Culinary Fiesta

One of the popular tourist destination in Batam is a culinary tour. Batam as a Malay land of course offers a variety of Malay culinary. But Batam as the urban city, of course inhabited by many tribes who inhabit this city of Batam. With so many immigrants from regions across the archipelago, Batam certainly has a culinary diversity of all regions of Indonesia.

Concert: Superman is Dead in Noname, 27 May 16

Superman is Dead (sometimes referred to simply as S.I.D) is a punk rock band hailing from Bali, formed in Kuta. The band has 3...
3rd Turi Fish-Tival, Fish,Catch, and Win

3rd Turi Fish-Tival Event on March 30, 2017 at Turi Beach Resort

Batam, a city and an island which is surrounded by the ocean. Main tourist attraction in Batam is marine tourism like beaches, island hopping,...
3rd Nongsa Carnival 2016

3rd Nongsa Carnival 2016 at Turi Beach Resort with Wonderful Indonesia

3rd Nongsa Carnival 2016 will be held and organize by Turi Beach Resort and with the support from Wonderful Indonesia. This annual event will...

Batam Tourist Attractions in Nongsa Area which Mandatory Visited

Nongsa is one of the districts in Batam city which designation is for beaches, old villages, resorts and golf course. Nongsa is very suitable to be developed as a tourist resort beach because it has beaches quite beautiful with white sand. There are around tens resort hotels in Nongsa.