Enjoying Es Teler Bang Fei

Es Teler is a beverage creation by combining ice, fruit and milk which are combined in such a way as to make the refreshing drink, especially when served in a hot atmosphere. To serve these drinks, people usually not require having special skills, but if they can found the right composition, it will get a delicious taste.
Bakso Gunung Batam

Culinary Tour Bakso Gunung Batam

Batam as a metropolis and industrial city, most of the population are immigrants from various ethnic in Indonesia. It could be described as a...
Angkringan Batam

Hang Out Places at Angkringan Batam

Angkringan (derived from the Javanese 'angkring' which means sit back) is a wheelbarrow that sells a wide range of foods and beverages commonly found...

3rd Nongsa Carnival 2016 at Turi Beach Resort with Wonderful Indonesia

3rd Nongsa Carnival 2016 will be held and organize by Turi Beach Resort and with the support from Wonderful Indonesia. This annual event will...