Woody Coffeeshop and Bar

Woody Coffeeshop and Bar, Tempat Nongkrong Asik Bergaya Eropa Klasik

Lagi nyari tempat nongkrong yang asik dan unik di Batam? Well, kali ini saya akan share tempat nongkrong asik di daerah Penuin. Lokasinya sangat...

5 Recommended Cafe to Hangout for Coffee Lover

Cafe has been one of life style in Batam nowadays. Many new cafes now open with various genre and concept. But, what I personally...
The Pier Batam

The Pier Batam Cafe, Grill and Barbeque Culinary Experience

The Pier Batam Cafe and Grill, is set on the Harbour reflection of the Grill and Barbeque culinary legacy with the breath taking views...
Fame Hotel Batam - Heaven & Hell Pizza

Fame Hotel Batam, New Menu: Heaven and Hell Pizza

Fame Hotel Batam, one of the newest 2 stars hotel in Batam, located in Batuaji, just launched their new menu for their restaurant, Popcorn...
De Bottle_Ground Floor

De Bottle Bistro and Pub

De Bottle BISTRO and PUB invites you to enjoy the intimate atmosphere of 15000 bottles combined with wood for interior and exterior. Which offers a comprehensive variety of beverages, and food full of flavor, with friendly services that are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression. De Bottle BISTRO and PUB located in a superb location in the heart of Batam city. De Bottle Bistro & pub has dining room, meeting room and the sky garden restaurant & bar, all are created to be places of entertainment and destinations with artistic comfortable setting for your dining or leisure time enjoying wireless internet access. A secure and large parking area is also available for your vehicle during your stay.
Piccola Stella D’Almanna

Piccola Stella D’Almanna

Piccola Stella D’Almanna, seperti terlihat dari namanya, restoran ini menyuguhkan masakan-masakan Italia. Seperti misalnya, pizza dan pasta. Dengan tagline mereka, ’The Authentic Italian Cuisine”, mereka menjamin keotentikan masakan italia dalam setiap menu yang mereka siapkan.
Dermaga Culinary Paradise

Dermaga Culinary Paradise, One Stop Culinary Downtown

Dermaga Culinary Paradise, just refer to its name, this place is truly culinary paradise. It will serve you with many menus with different style to...
Masakan Gurame di Kampung Timbel Sukajadi

Kampung Timbel Batam, Special Menu of Timbel and Gurami

Kampung Timbel Batam located here in Dermaga Sukajadi, Batam. Place where are many culinary around. There are western food, Indonesian food, café, and some Italian restaurant.
Harbour Bay Seafood

Harbour Bay Seafood Restaurant

Harbour Bay Seafood Restaurant is one of many seafood restaurant here in Batam, since, everyone knows, Batam is well known of this kind of culinary. Located in area of Harbour Bay, strategic area in the heart of thriving downtown of Batam.
Wisata Kuliner Batam Soto Kwali Sukoharjo Makmur

Culinary Batam Soto Kwali Sukoharjo Makmur

Salah satu wisata kuliner Batam yang wajib dicoba adalah Soto Kwali. Salah satu soto kwali yang populer di Batam adalah Soto Kwali Sukoharjo Makmur. Dinamakan Soto Kwali Sukoharjo Makmur karena pendirinya yaitu Bapak Tukiman berasal dari Kota Sukoharjo. One of the culinary tourism in Batam you must try is Soto Kwali. One of the popular soup kwali in Batam is Soto Kwali Sukoharjo Makmur. The named of Soto Kwali Sukoharjo Makmur because its founder, Mr Tukiman derived from Sukoharjo.

Batam Seafood Restaurant Air Masin 2nd Bridges Barelang

There are two icons that are characteristic of Batam, they are Barelang Bridge and seafood. This uniqueness is a trade mark of Batam city that has been inseparable, batam seafood.