Bridge Tour de Barelang 2013 Batam

Tour de Barelang Batam

Tour de Barelang Batam (photo:

Batam city in 2013 again will be held a bicycle race called “Bridge Tour de Barelang 2013”. This activity is an annual event organized by the Government of Batam. For 2013 the Tour de Barelang will be held on May 25, 2013.

This bicycle race Bridge Tour de Barelang 2013 will be attended by 175 foreign cyclists and 39 local cyclists. For foreign cyclists will be followed from some of whom are from the UK, Singapore, Australia, USA, Switzerland, France, South Africa, Hong Kong, Canada, Ireland, Netherlands, Malaysia, and Italia. The organizerprepared a total prize of Rp 100 million for the winners.

This Tour de Barelang will take the route Sekupang, Temiang, and a series of six bridges Barelang.The cyclists will be offering views along the coastal areas of the six bridges.The bridges of Barelang consists of six bridges that connect the seven islands of Batam. The bridge built by BJ Habibie who is 3rd Indonesia president, participants can see the beauty of the beaches and other islands located on the left and right of bridges. This is the longest bridge, which presents a ‘spot view’ of the exotic.

The main purpose of the cycling Bridge Tour de Barelang is to absorb foreign tourists.The event is expected to absorb the foreign tourists that visit to Batam  will reach the target that is 1.25 million foreign tourists.

In addition to Bridge Tour de Barelang there are other events that are expected to absorb more foreign and domestic tourists, Batam government will also organize a series of events to bring in foreign tourists, among them Art Kenduri Malay, ASEAN Jazz Festival and National Culture Festival.

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