Parfum Batam

Batam is famous for its cheap perfume prices. If you go to Batam, it is not complete if no perfume shopping. In fact, the artist did not leave the chance to buy the perfume in Batam. Perfume shop in Batam is usually one store with store bags. Thus, the visitor is looking for a bag, can directly search for the desired perfume.

Almost all of the perfume sold here is well-known brands. Same with the bags, perfume is also China’s production. Quality perfumes are sold fairly well, close to the quality of the original brand. In Nagoya Hill, there are dozens of shops selling imported perfumes from different brands. Most of the sellers of these claims if the perfume is the original product. But, if judging in terms of price, the perfume is sold in these stores offer much cheaper prices than the same perfume in another city, even in Jakarta though. For this reason, many visitors from Jakarta, including the capital artists often buy perfume when they travel to Batam.

Of the many brands of perfume that is, there is a buyer’s favorite brand is the brand Bvlgari, this perfume is the most sought after. The brands are most sought after because of the type and flavor quite numerous and varied. Some are designed for women with mild and gentle aroma. While for men, served fresh and masculine fragrance. If the terms of the price varies as well, there are 350 thousand to 500’s of thousands rupiahs.