Asean Jazz Festival Batam 2013

Asean Jazz Festival 2013

Asean Jazz Festival 2013

Asean Jazz Festival will again present the fifth featuring local and international jazz musicians as well as the collaboration of both. This international event will be held at the Harbour Bay Ferry Terminal, Batam, Riau Islands Province, on 20-21 Sept 2013.

Asean Jazz time a creative work that combines music Indonesia and abroad. Asean Jazz Festival in the title this time you will see a mix of traditional angklung musical instrument with jazz, as well as other traditional music blending with jazz flavor.

Collaboration will also present ASEAN Jazz Band musicians who became adhesive among musicians relations in Southeast Asia. As always the end of the festival will present a “Jam Session” as the Jazz tradition that is maintained and is an opportunity for young musicians to share the stage with seasoned musicians.

As the title of the previous years, the event Asean Jazz Festival has been able to attract and increase tourists from Malaysia and Singapore who entered Batam and Riau Islands. The strategic levers of the visit is expected to be cross-border or cross-border visitors.

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